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Thursday, April 30, 2009
march 2009
which i reckon would be one of the happiest & memorable months in my life.

the engagement
it took him what.... 3 proposals until i said yes? i turned down the first two, not because i didn't want to spend the rest of my life with him, but because it felt surreal.

i am that girl. that girl who ran away from relationships once it showed signs of the guy wanting to settle down, that girl who quickly said no to the idea of having kids, that girl who never have the typical girls' dreams of "my perfect wedding", that girl who always brushes off the idea of getting married below 29.

i am that girl.

so imagine the dillema i faced when i felt so sure about him, when i have "the" hunch (that my mom always talked about) that i'd be spending the rest of my life with this guy, when for the first time i do want to get married, and yet the relationship was only going for a month. he proposed for the first time on the 11th day of our relationship, which i quickly turned down because i thought that that was crazy.

i said yes on january 1st, 2009.

well not exactly a "yes"-yes. the precise words were "i want to spend the rest of my life with you." (and there goes the "aaaawwwww" moment).

so yeah, that broke my pattern. my pattern of running away, that is. because this time, as weird (even to me) as this may sound, i'm perfectly sure that he's the guy. and that never happened before. it reaches a point when i don't even care about the wedding date. it might as well be tomorrow or 2 years from now, it really doesn't matter because i know he's the person i'm going to spend the rest of my life with.

not long after that, he took the liberty to inform my parents that he wanted to have "the" talk. so they all did, for 2 hours, without me. that was 2 hellish hours because i thought how long would it really take just to say "hi. you already know me, so let's make this simple, i wanna marry your daughter." 3 minutes? 5 minutes? but nooooo... it just had to be 2 hours. they called me finally to join the conversation about setting up the wedding date, and by then i knew that the 2 hours were spent by talking about my family background, me, and my ex-boyfriends. (d'oh. i have no clue why did that last topic had to take place.)

well anywaaay, the engagement was held on March 29th, 2009. obviously wasn't my idea. if it were up to me, it would be just akad, and that's it. lots and lots of hassle is the last thing i need. but my big family still keep the Palembang culture in any way they can, so Mutus Kato or the "official proposal" had to take place.

so yes, i'm engaged now. :)

the wedding is still far in December, and i'm still trying my best to keep the reception small. i have no clue if it's even possible to have only 300 guests, but that is truly my hope. i'm so not planning to stand for hours and hours giving the typical AE-smile when i'd infact be exhausted.

the probation
i passed my probation, so am finally a permanent employee at Rapp. and i'm finally getting my business card, woohoo!

time flew really quick. it feels like it hasn't been long since i was trying to familiarize myself with the terms "ATL", "BTL", "treatment", "exercise", "brief", "desired response", "filler", "bumper", etc. and yet now i've started to meet the clients on my own, i make my own reports, and i DO get those terms *lol* clients' requests have never stopped to amaze me, let alone their responses & feedbacks. i do enjoy everything about my job though. the colleagues are extremely fun & it's like a big happy family, i can wake up a bit late, the client's tough & challenging (and obviously a good portfolio), i get new knowledge every week.

working hour's finally bearable. i suppose in the beginning it was really tough because it was one heavy heavy planning for all activities throughout this year. so there goes the detailed planning, detailed budgeting, detailed project analysis, and hence the long hours.

now i go home after 9 PM only 2 nights at most in a week ^_^

being 25.
the huge 25 has finally passed. other than the feeling of “old” whenever i say “25” out loud, it’s actually no difference. despite the infamous 25, this year’s birthday actually felt nothing. i was working as usual, had a small dinner with my family & my baby dear, and that was pretty much it. then 12 AM passed and it was already April 1st.

so… yeah, i’m 25 now. and engaged. and oh how that feels really weird.

this is officially my first post this year. hahah!

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