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Sunday, November 27, 2005
the magic of a hair-dryer

jadi tadi siang memutar otak lah saya, berpikir apa yang kira2 masih bisa dilakukan utk menyelamatkan hp tercinta. and then.. TING TING! *gambar lampu di atas kepala* kalo ini benda sekarat gara2 kerembes air, bagaimana kalo kita keringin?? dan jadilah adegan berikutnya adalah gue lagi ngeringin tu hp pake hair dryer.

it's back on now. *wide wide grin*

aaaaaaaaahhhhhh... senangnyaaaaaaaaaaa....

subject: Sony Ericsson T610. red.

age: 3...no, almost 4 years old.

cause of death: kecemplung di kuah udon.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrggghhhhh!!!!! !@##$^!#!##@$~#@#$@!@#$^#$@## EE'!!!

eniwei kalo kemaren ada yang telepon2 gue ato sms2 dan gue ga reply, mohon maaf yaaa.. gejala awalnya itu, keypad-nya ga berfungsi sama sekali. gejala akhirnya ya... mati ajah. jadi gue sempet liat ada sms2 dan telpon2 masuk, tapi ga ada yang bisa gue angkat hiks...

if there's anything important, telpon ke no XL bebas gue aja utk sementara waktu.

to anin, selamat ulang taun ya, sayang.. semoga elo bisa baca ni blog. kemaren mo sms/telp tapi ya begitulah nasib hp saya hehe tadi malem jg maaf ga ikut karaoke-an, sayanya aga2 pening & kerjaan jg masih banyak. semoga semakin kayak J-Lo!! wakakakakakaka XD
Wednesday, November 23, 2005
and i wonder..
..if it's actually normal to have a constant emo break-down. this happens to me once in every several months. usually when i gave my best effort to just don't think anything, which obviously would ended up making me thinking about everything. the symptoms are always the same: i'd have a hard time sleeping, having so many things going in my head that i'd put my PDA beside my pillow just incase i wake up in the middle of the night just to write some notes about things i have to do in the morning. an increase on the caffeine and nicotine dosage, no matter how lousy i feel afterwards. put some big effort on holding myself from yelling at people. and in the end: i'd cry.

it happened again last night. this time funny enough that i didn't realize any of those symptoms. for the whole last week, i spent a lot of time having fun with Tim Hore, shopping here and there, watch movies, not realizing that it was the way my mind came up with ideas to try to run away from all my hectic activities. reality hit me hard this week when i realize that i've been running from --so help me, God-- a HUGE PILE of things to do. DebConf, SP, 56prod, long postponed business proposal for the bar, i-spots, kuliah.

a small trigger was all i need to break loose, and he gave me one (see? konflik tu ga usah dicari, bakal dateng sendiri :P). 12.30 AM, i woke up, sat on my bed, realizing that my roommie had already been asleep, so i pushed my face to the pillow, and let it all out. my roommie in the end woke up, afraid that she's been hearing some "voices" (which turned out to be me. sniffing.), found me crying, and accompanied me to let it all out. thanks, girl. :)

felt well... a bit better this morning. as long as i don't think about Jetto though, it's another story that somehow kept tearing me apart. been thinking if it's only arif & me who's feeling hurt with the breakup, the others seemed to go fine moving on with their lives. and I DON'T LIKE THAT. because that means it's either arif & i have been too overreacting or they just don't feel the same way.

or well, maybe they just choose to let things go. in which i happen not being able to do the same thing.

sekarang sampai pada titik kebingungan, kayak orang linglung ga tau mo ngapain. dari pagi dah panik kayak orang gila, ga bisa berenti nelpon orang2 (so yes, pak didit, if you take my cellphone away then i'll be gone nuts!) to make sure things are going the way i expect them to be. sekarang UTK PERTAMA KALINYA...jreng jreeeeng... gue pake UBUNTU. inti ceritanya, mo pulang ke kost tapi males, terus ga bawa laptop, dan yg tersisa cuma komputer server SP. OS-nya Linux. menurut kabar burung dan fakta sih ya... ibu PO DebConf ini ga pernah nyentuh Linux. komentar saat ini: "ternyata Ubuntu lucu juga yah! aga2 kayak Windows tampilannya hehe".

ah ya sutralah... tadi pengen ngiseng aja ngeblog, dah lama ngga. mood uda mendingan, masih rentan nangis, standar lah. :P

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