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Sunday, April 30, 2006
i'm stuck in a cage and i wanna get out of it. i'm in charge of my own life, and i wanna live it to the most doing things i wanna do. i'm the one who knows what's best for myself, and i don't like it when people tell me what /they/ think is best for me.

i lead my own life. screw them.

Friday, April 28, 2006
Love Heals
OST Rent

Like a breath of midnight air
Like a lighthouse, like a prayer
Like the flicker and the flare, the sky reveals
Like a walk along the shore
That you've walked a thousand times before
Like the oceans roar

Love heals
There are those who shield their hearts
Those who quit before they start
Who frozen up the part of them that feels
Don't freeze your heart

In the dark they've lost their sight
Like a ship without a star in the night, but hold on tight

Love heals
When you feel like you can't go on
Love heals
Hold onto love, it'll keep you strong
Love heals
When you feel like you can't go on
Love heals
Hold onto love, it'll bring you home

Love heals when pain's too much to bear
When you reach out your hand, and only wind is there
When life's unfair
When things like us are not to be

Love heals when you feel so small, like a grain of sand
Like nothing at all
When you look out at sea, that's where love will be
That's where you'll find me
You'll find me

So if you fear the storm ahead
As you lie awake in bed
And there's no one, no one, no one there to stroke your head
And your mind reels, your mind your mind reels

If your face is salty wet, and you're drowning in regret, just
Don't forget (4x)

Love heals
When you feel like you can't go on
Love heals
love love love is gonna carry you home
Love heals
when you feel like when you feel like you can't go on
Love heals
hold onto love and it will lead you home

aaand.. at least i'm not the only person who cried like crazy during the eulogy. see reviews here.
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
another morning, sipping my coffee and cigarette
quite too many things been going in my head and obviously, in my life.

let's start with this. it's official, it's up & running, and it sure makes /me/ running. here and there. :P it's Rajasa, hiscompany, along with me and a couple of friends. things have been very hectic ever since, far more that i had expected. but just the way i like it. been meeting some pain-in-the-ass clients (remember my recent entry?), ones who managed to make bima and me waiting for 1.5 hours only to hear her yelling "kenapa itu panahnya biru??? kenapa itu merah? kenapa itu orange? ganti semua!". 2 hours later bima and i left with a headache and a lot of swearing.

then another update on jetto. blon fixed sih, abis kayaknya pamali tiap kali cerita apaaa, ntar tau2 batal, elah. yah tunggu aja lah, ada tawaran lagi utk ehmm.. ex-jetto kali yah, ampe dah ga tau lagi mo nyebutnya apa. quoting from boy, "abis kita kan bukan jetto lagi. kita.. apa ya.. sahabat jetto? ah tae ah.." *lol*

asistensi keteter.. pening banget. utk yang masih ketinggalan belon demo ama gue, maaf yah.. the thing is, kalo gue dah plot 3 minggu utk jatah demo, berarti emang cuma pas itu gue kosong. begitu lewat, schedule udah penuh lagi jadi susah lagi, beh, kalo mo minta waktu demo.

weekends are being spent with working. conversations with my boyfriend are never far from work-related topics. jeleknya ga punya kantor itu kali yah? kantornya basically anywhere, jadi mo ngomongin kerjaan jadi ga ada batasan waktu ama ruang. not to mention, gue mulai merasa tua nih, kunyuk. beda banget stamina sekarang ama pas semester 4 dulu. perasaan dulu mo begadang sampe 2 hari lewat jg masih bisa, although aside from the fact that i'd be starting my mornings looking like a zombie. sekarang aja deh, seharian keluyuran sana-sini, pulang2 rasanya dah mo pingsan.

PMS is also taking its toll. hate it hate it hate it. fatigue-nya ga bisa ditolerir lagi, anxiety-nya jangan tanya. ada apa dikit, parno. ada apa dikit, stress. sakit perutnya jg dah makin ga lucu. damn you, MEN! asli tinggal tebar2 benih doang, terus hepi2 joy joy. yang kita ini nih, hadohhhh...

kuliah makin ga kerasa kuliah. dateng ke kampus at most times dah ga kerasa tujuannya buat kuliah. gue juga cuma semangat dateng kalo Seminar, SQA yaaaa... so-so. yang laen sih, asli deh.. kalo ga kekurangan sks pengen banget gue drop. yang satu dah kayak sesi konsultasi mingguan, yang satu lagi basically a lecture with "mr. i-don't-know-what-to-do-with-this-course". hmph.

so in conclusion? i'm enjoying my current life. :)
Saturday, April 15, 2006
it's weekend.

and i'm working.

not that i hate it.. infact i'm enjoying it.

i know i'm just being me.

hell, this is sick.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

kuy, bim, yu, mari kita bakar tu tempat bersama2. *gotong jirigen bensin*
Saturday, April 08, 2006
that freakin' bodyCombat class.... my back is in freakin' pain at the moment. aaaarrrghhhhhh.. so much for not doing any exercise in the past few months. >.<

fafa is in town!!! yeaaayyy!! and finally someone realistic and cynical i can really talk to about my life. *grin* to dila & bebe, and when the hell are you two going to join us for a coffee session, eh? pulaaaaaaaannngggg!! tega yah ngebiarin temen lu kekurangan teman mengopi beginih.

not quite a lot of things happening in my life at the moment. still struggling with some projects, school assignments, crappy courses at the uni, same ol' life. same ol' me.

ooh...my back... T.T
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
mid 2004 : 32%
mid 2005 : 29%
mid 2006 : 22% !!!!!

YEAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!! bye-bye 10% fat! i'm in the normal zone now! wakakakakakakakak ^_____________^
Saturday, April 01, 2006
so what happened yesterday was.. i spent quite some hours working on some stuff, and of course: cleaning my room! i was pretty much hooked into it, that i didn't realize that i've been tidying my room for about 2 hours hahahaha

in the evening, i was suppose to have dinner with him at Mother's Cook. our appointment was at 7.30 PM, so i got there at 7.20 PM. waited until 7.45 PM, then i started to feel anxious, and so i sent him an sms asking him where he was. he replied, and told me that he got stuck at my friend's house (boy). boy promised to drop him over at citos, but seemed that it took him long to get ready.

8.15 PM, i've been sitting at Gloria Jean's for 15 minutes sipping my coffee. at that point, he was getting on my nerve. very ready to slap his face for being 45 minutes late if he showed up. but then, he sent me an sms, "Nda, ke Boy skrg! Urgent! I'll tell you about it later.".

i rushed to find a cab, kept telling driver to drive quickly as i was trying to figure out what's going on. especially with the fact that kuy didn't reply my following sms-es. an accident? perhaps. so i got there in 10 minutes, walked into the house, and..
there Boy sat, with a cigarette on his hand, looking all healthy. i gave a confused look. then i realized that the other Jetto personnels were also there. one by one, they realized my presence and yelled, "LHO??", including kuy. they looked at eachother and then, "oh well.. surprise......".

so ladies & gentlemen, it was supposed to be a surprise party. except that both the surprisers and the surprisee got surprised. *rotfl* and so the party was followed with eating (pizza & cheese cake), some drinking (only a glass, which unusually made my stomache went really hot -- literally), and some game (ABC Pancasila utk nama2 anime, kurang tolol apa coba..).

to kuy, i can't thank you enough. this is one of the sweetest gifts i ever got, well.. despite the fact that it didn't go as surprising as you expected (*lol*). it was very jetto-ish, however. :D

utk semua yang udah nyelametin, baik lewat telepon, sms, maupun shoutbox, makasi yaaaaa... i really appreciate it.

crap, makin tuir dah.

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