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Friday, February 25, 2005
so in the end maybe it's best to get things over with. surely we met too soon.
np: l'arc~en~ciel - a silent letter

A Silent Letter
Yubisaki niha mou todokanai
Harukana yozora he
Kirameku hoshi wo hodoite
hanashite ageyou

Stay with me Nemuri ni tsuku made
Yasashii te wo hanasa naide
Maigo ni natta osanai toki no youdane

Kyou mado wo aketara
kisetsu no ashiato kiitayo
Ah... Kimi no shigusa ya egao ga
... Boku no subete sa

Stay with me Doushitara ii ?
Yasashii me ga togire sousa
Maigo ni natta osanai toki no youdane
...Sayonara ha

... I have been thinking about you

Dear my love Tooi unabara mo
Wakatte ikuyo kono ude de
Arashi no hi mo nidoto mou osoretari shinai
Are you feeling Namima ni miageta
Hoshi no uzu ga kirei dayo
Maigo ni natta osanai toki no youdane
...Sayonara ha

my finger tips can no longer reach the distant night sky
I'll undo the twinkling stars and set them free.

Stay with me until I fall asleep
don't let go that gentle hand
like when I would get lost as a child

when I opened the window today,
I heard the footsteps of the season
ah your manner and smiles are my everything

Stay with me what should I do?
i may not always be able to look at you kindly
like when I would get lost as a child
...goodbyes are.

...I have been thinking about you.

Dear my love I'll cross even the farthest oceans with these arms
and I'll never be afraid again of the stormy days.
Are you feeling in between the rise and fall of the waves, looking up
the swirl of stars is beautiful,
like when I would get lost as a child
....goodbyes are.

translation by brian stewart & takako sakuma
current state: emotionally drained.

how true it is to say that to make mistake is human. that those mistakes are actually things that /make/ us human. nonetheless when mistakes regard other people's feelings, it's not really that nice anymore, don't you think? anything that regards feelings usually gets complicated. in my case, it /always/ gets complicated. how do you know if second chances should exist or if it shouldn't? how do you know that if you give it another chance, mistakes won't happen again? the fact is that you'll never know. it's only a matter of whether you'd give it another shot or if you wouldn't. *a very long sigh*

np: l'arc~en~ciel - hitomi no jyuunin

gue keluar dari kepanitiaan it camp. tinggal nunggu urusan dg telkom beres (Bu Nurul, kapan Anda mau menelepon sayaaaa...). the damage has been done, gue dah terlalu capek.

anyway regarding other things than that, i knew that life's back to normal when i realized that i'm starting to get overwhelmed with assignments and classes, when i have a little too many performances with jetto that i have no more free sunday nights, and when i have some projects in hand and i can't determine which is which. heheh.

56production is going good so far, one of the greatest team i've ever worked with, other than my previous Interaction System course group which was one hell of a group who managed to work effeciently yet maintained the quality of the work. anyway 56production is simply a bunch of people pretty determined with the project going, fun and quite crazy, and what i love most: manage to work under pressure, "rese'" requirements from our client, and manage to work on time.

boy am i hungry. haven't eaten anything since last night. :(

last message: to renny and haryanto's family, tabah terus dan banyak berdoa yah.. moga2 haryanto cepet baek, amin..

need my coffee, need my aspirins, need a shoulder, need work to get my mind off things. the image goes round and round in my head. have no clue how to push it away. i'm so tired.

dan sekarang gue semakin lapar.
Thursday, February 24, 2005
everything has a limitation, even patience.
Tuesday, February 22, 2005

DATE: 7pm - 9:45 pm, Tuesday March 8, 2005
VENUE: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear Ms. Wulandari
Are you seeking career advancement, world-class business education or simply the experience of a lifetime?

At INSEAD, we believe that all the world's elite business schools will provide you with a great education and career prospects. Your mission is to determine which best fits your unique goals and aspirations.

As part of this process, we would like to invite you to an INSEAD MBA Information Session on Tuesday March 8 in Jakarta. There, we will deliver an overview of the INSEAD MBA, which will be followed by a Question & Answer session with INSEAD alumni from your area. The evening will concluded with a networking and cocktail hour. We sincerely hope you will join us and come learn "What Makes Us Different?"

INSEAD at a Glance
INSEAD is widely recognised among the world's top-tier business schools as one of the most innovative and influential. It is the only business school with full-time, permanent campuses in Asia (Singapore) and Europe (Fontainebleau). It has also been consistently ranked by the Financial Times, Business Week, Forbes and others as one of the top business schools in the world.

Currently, over 140 faculty members teach more than 840 MBA students, 55 Executive MBA students, 6,500 executives and 66 PhD students from over 75 countries. INSEAD's unique global perspective and multicultural diversity are reflected in all aspects of its research and teaching.

The INSEAD-Wharton Alliance, announced in May 2001, combines INSEAD's resources with those of Wharton's campuses in Philadelphia and San Francisco, to deliver business education and research across a Global Learning Network.

As this event has limited seating, kindly register your attendance on our website at http://www.insead.edu/mba/home/events.htm. You are free to invite guests along, but they will also need to register. Registration can also be done
via email at mba.info.sg@insead.edu. We look forward to meeting you at the event.

Yours sincerely,
Gary Lipkowitz

Assistant Director, Marketing
INSEAD MBA Programme

Anyone wants to come?
Thursday, February 17, 2005
back to school....errr...campus
so yes, the new semester has arrived. and heeeeeere we are, with some new spirits, with a big determination to get better grades (the way we always do on every single beginning of each semester :P), with (at least some of us) quite some plans ahead for our respective future. :) semester ini ambil 21 sks insya Allah... semuanya gara2 KoMas neh. dah semangat2 mo ngambil biar jadi 20 sks, ehhhhhhh.. tau2nya ga boleh. jadi terpaksa nambahin 3 sks lagi biar nyampe 20 sks. bisa aja sih bertahan di 18 sks, tapi yg ada 2 semester terakhir gue bakal mabok.

pokonya semester ini harus rutin belajar! yoshaaaa!

as for nilai semester lalu, so far so good. masih berharap banget di ManPro, moga-mogaaaaaaaaaaa dapet A, jadi IPS gue kembali ke posisi awal di semester 1. ^_^ aminnn.

kuliah semester ini kayaknya banyak yg seru, soalnya mulai studi kasus ke perusahaan2. mbok ya dari duluuu kayak gini. semangat deh gue kuliahnya. terus semester ini juga ada SIA!!! horeeee!!! akhirnya gue kembali ke jalur yg seharusnya! XP


well apparently gue ga jadi masuk DAA kelasnya Pak Stef. emang ngaco tu SiAk, dasar ee'. i ended up being in Pak Didit's class, not that it's a bad thing though. asal ga lupa aja utk pake sepatu. so far i've heard, he's one of the best lecturers we have here, so i guess it'll be okay.


jetto aga2 kerajinan bulan ini. gue mulai mabok. pengen juga sekali2 spend hari Minggu bersantai2 di rumah. ini dah 3x Minggu selalu manggung, cape euy. 2x Minggu ini malah kebagian manggung malem mulu, jam 9 - 10an. hoeeee.. gue kan kuliaaah hari Senin-nyaaaa... lagian juga i've noticed that it's been too much exposure of jetto. guenya mulai khawatir kalo lama2 orang2 bosen. mana lately kita manggung di acara2 Jepang mulu, in which yg dateng kan pasti dari komunitas yang sama juga. lagu yg dimaenin dari satu acara ke yg laennya jg perasaan ga jauh2 beda banget. paling agak2 mendingan yg Minggu ini ama Minggu depan, mo ngebabat album Real-nya L'Aruku.


Happy Belated Valentine's Day, minna-san!
maap lupa mo post pas tanggal 14 kemaren. and btw that Roy Suryo thing ternyata lucu juga yah? gue baru ngeh bahwa omongan dia yg di Tempo itu jadi kasus sejak ke blog-nya feha. adaaaa aja deh kejadian.


pengen ganti layout blog deh. design-nya udah ada di kepala sih, tapi blon tau gemana cara bikinnya. antara musti cari gambar ato gambar sendiri. sedangkan kalo gambar sendiri hiks... aku tak merasa mampuuuu...


pengen sibuk. pengen stress. pengen hectic.
tapi tau sih begitu dah mulai masuk ke cycle itu, gue bakal pengen keluar lagi hahahaha susah nih.

dah ah, lagi ga penting banget. mari kita kuliah CIS dulu, ciao!
Monday, February 07, 2005
Saturday, February 05, 2005
mphis...gue copy paste dari bulletin board elu yah...

Internship Abroad Opportunities
Hey Young People! Searching for the ultimate adventure ever? Looking for a learning experience across culture? Trying to get new friends from different part of
the world? Mau kesempatan magang di luar negeri? Jangan Bilang Tak Mungkin!!!

- Additional knowledge, skills, and working experience in international scope
- New friends and excitement adapting and living with society from other parts of the world
- Monthly salary varying for each companies
- Individual access to look for available traineeship in our online database system
- And of course, interaction and cultural understanding between nations

You can choose:
- Preferred country or region
- Traineeship duration (min 2 months, max 1,5 years)
- Starting and Ending dates of traineeship
- Field of work and working experience desired

How to Join?
- Being no more than 28 years old
- Students (have completed at least 110 credits), bachelor (S1), master (S2)
- No GPA requirements
- Open for all major of studies

Important requirements:
- Buy SN Form for Rp. 40.000 from AIESEC
- Attend the selection and assesment process (Student Review Board)
- Having TOEFL Score of at least 550

So... What are you waiting for?????

Try GP today!!!

For more information, contact:
AIESEC LC University of Indonesia
Basement Perpustakaan FEUI
Kampus FEUI -Depok
Telp: (021) 787 2256-7
E-mail: aiesec_ui@id.aiesec.org
URL: www.aiesec-ui.org

duh.. jadi makin kepengen ambil TOEFL deh.. kapan yah.. IELTS gue dah kadaluarsa begituh, hiks..

btw to meta, dah terima email dari bude? ttg tour ke several reputable universities di US yg diselenggarain AMINEF utk indonesian students?
Thursday, February 03, 2005
aaaaaaand, it's up!! jetto's official website!!


do visit, and give us your comments!

fhufhufhufhufhu... gue senaaaaang.... pacar, makasih yah.. :)

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