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Monday, January 31, 2005
just one of the times when i'm dead bored, then somehow found my mood to write, and yet nothing interesting comes in my head. argh.

as the morning starts
woke up as usual at 6.30 AM this morning, made several body-turns to the left and right to crack some bones, went downstairs to have breakfast, then back upstairs to pack my gym-bag. done with everything, realizing that it was already 7 AM so i better get going to catch the 8 AM bodyCombat class, but somehow just had this hunch to check my aerobic class schedule, and guess what... the class had started at 6.30 FRIGGIN' AM!!! aaaaaaaaarrrghhhh!!!

so now i'm already "wangi", sudah mandi dan bersih, cancelled my schedule to go to the class (what's the point anyway, all i wanted this morning was the bodyCombat... the weight-training was enough for this week considering i haven't stopped doing the weight-training for the past 4 consecutive days), am now getting ready to torture myself: take an acne treatment.

so here's the thing, hon, beauty /is/ pain. wanna have a really smooth face skin? do some facial then, which consists of scrubbing the face (this part is really nice), then all those pimples-popping (this is the really hard one, always put me into tears for 2 NONSTOP HOURS), continued with a mask (hard to smile on this stage), and of course... the AHA treatment (which feels like having a dash of alcohol on a scar, so yeah... you can picture how it feels).

then you'll come out of the place with a red swollen face, which usually lasts for 1-2 days, the on the 3rd day.. voila. you've got the beautiful face.

all the things women do to look good.

a personal rant on l'arc~en~ciel
"A Silent Letter" is just SOOOOOOO GOOD! can't stop listening to it, still finding it hard to get all the details on the strings though. glad to know that i still have about 13 days to really cover that song perfectly. just realized that the "Real" album is great! i luv almost all the tracks, especially the hard-beat ones: The Nepenthes and Route 666. jetto's planning to cover all the "Real" tracks on our perfomance on February 27th. semangat!!!

on the losing weight thing
doing great on this one. haven't lost quite much kgs, 1 - 1.5 kgs only, if i'm not mistaken. but some improvements have been seen. felt really happy 2 nights ago when i went watching kyuuto's performance at SOHO-plaza semanggi, and most of my friends were telling me that i look slimmer. some even asked kuy of what he's been doing to me that made me thinner (which then i responded that he's been doing some torturing.... you know... punching, kicking, etc. to me XP), meaning.... a HUGE YEAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

big torture on the diet though. finally for the first time in my life, i had a lick on durian, which tasted awful. i really couldn't stand the smell, EWWWW. apples haven't been touched though. been coping with papayas every single night in exchange for my dinner. lunch would be veggies, breakfast would be whole wheat bread, and snacks would be 3 tokens of Droste's bittersweet chocolate. *notices everybody's looks* oh come one, spare me... it's hard to keep going on with this uninteresting diet, you know. :P

biceps are getting harder, although triceps are well.... still disappointing. still a LOOOONG way to go to get rid of those "glember-glember". still wishing that the hips could go smaller... and also the thighs... and also the waist... well, basically everything. except my boobs though, luv the size already. hahahahaha

so yes..
after what i went through a couple of days ago, realize something: break up is a big major NO-NO. especially not on any steady relationship. it's hard, it's so damn painful, it's expensive (expensive on the fuel as i had to stop by to a friend's house to break down and cry, and on the tissues since i used ALOT of 'em), pokonya ngga banget deh! i really didn't remember this, as the last time i ever fell this far for someone was hmm... almost 3 years ago. the last really-bad-break up i've experienced was 2 years ago. so... what happened several days ago, was a quick reminder of it felt. i hate break-ups.

so hun, don't do this to me again, 'kay? kalo mau, tuker peran deh biar aci hehehehehe

i luv you.

school is coming
really soon now.. only 2 weeks left for the vacation, boohooo... sniff sniff... !_! still have to make plans on the subjects that i'm about to take. the last time i counted, i'd be taking 20 credits, just the way i've planned. but i haven't really checked if there's any of the schedule collided (??? not sure if it's the right vocab, CMIIW please). man... to really think about it.. 1.5 years to go, and then we're free!! *starts singing* freeeeeeeeee... as a biiiiiirrrdddddd.....

time sure flies.
Friday, January 28, 2005
and my world is back. :)
Thursday, January 27, 2005
another diet day #1
so it's official, ladies and gentlemen, i am over-weight. ohkay, let me rephrase... i'm over-fat. just got back from singapore after doing some medical check ups, everything went great EXCEPT for the fat. 32% of my body is fat, while the maximum percentage is supposed to be 24%, so now... i have 12 FRIGGIN' PERCENT TO GO!! EGAD! so now i am (or maybe i've always been) one of those girls who can't think of anything else other than my figure and my weight. 12% to go, then so be it. going to the gym every freakin' day is now a part of my routine, and diet is a must. so fruit..... for crying out loud, here i come.

excuse the language, very much not in my best mood.

i didn't see this coming..
and somehow it's over. still finding it extremely hard to accept, and i really don't wanna talk about this now. many thanks to didit for being a great shoulder, raden for the ears, dimas for all the tissues, and prabha.. well at least for just being there. *shooks head* i really don't get this..

jetto performing!
quite a lot of times in february. 3 february in loft 25, 6 february in... don't really remember where, 13 february in "Love Flies", 27 february in "l'arc~en~ciel road to famous". wish us all the best!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005
dimas: lha, ndar, lo kok kurus banget?!

me: hehhhh...ga usah sok2 menghibur gue gitu deh...


me: eh ini bocah ikut2an lagi. serius ni, kaga usah pake rese' gitu lahhh..

andra: eh serius gue!! muka lu itu lhoo.. keliatan banget jadi kurusan!

dece: jangan keburu seneng, nday! baru muka! blon badan! hahahahahaha

raden: *muncul out of nowhere* emang ndar, muka lu jadi lebih kecil sekarang. dulu tu kayak ada jenggernya.
JENGGER?!!!!!! sentul kenyuuuuutttttt....
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
it could've been anyone, and yet it was you. strangely in a way, i'm relieved. luving you more and more. :)

bodyCombat bodyCombat bodyCombat
sabtu dan minggu menghajar diri sendiri dengan ikut bodyCombat, i ended up with a backache (langsung berasa tua banget deh, kampret. i know y'all are laughing out there!), tumit kanan yang luka dalem karena lecet kegesek sepatu, dan stamina langsung drop. but over all, saya PUAAAAAAAAAASSSSS.... ayo, ndar, one month to go! mumpung bisa rajin olah raga neh!

for good times and bad times..
2 hari yang lalu maen ke rumah tara, setelah diomel2in ama dia gara2 sama2 anak PI (dg jarak tempuh 15 menit naek sepeda), tapi kita udah 1 taun ga ketemu hahahahaha jadilah kemaren ke sana, spent 2 hours talking about unimportant things, dan banyak confession terjadi. seperti gue mengakui kalo gue sempet sukaaaaaaaaaa banget sama dia, sampe nangis2 pas denger gosip dia ada apa2 sama lany (dan akhirnya beneran pacaran deh tu dua) yg kemudian dilanjutkan dengan respon dia, "kan emang gua ganteng."

asli nyesel deh udah confessed. :P

anyway, acara nostalgia dilanjutkan dg cerita masa2 SMP, pas kita ngejulukin geng dia "Geng 21" karena jumlahnya 21 orang yg isinya popular guys & girls semua. dan dia ga berenti ngecak2in geng gue yg famously known as "The Dolphins" hahahahaha asli malu2in banget kalo inget masa2 itu. but really it was funny. baru berasa kalo both of us have been bestfiends for a long time.

bayu came along, dan bikin gue ngiler2 ga keruan karena ALAMAAAAAAAK... ganteng buangeeeeeeeeeedddd! kalo ga inget2 kita dah temenan lama sama gue dah tau aib2nya sih aga2 pengen flirtish, huekekekekekek tapi serius deh, bener2 cuci mata lah ngeliatin si bayu. dia cerita panjang lebar urusan putusnya dia ama vina yg cukup bikin gue shocked dan berduka buat dia karena emang jelek banget kejadiannya. but oh well, tenang, bay! girls are actually dying to be with a guy like you, so relax! dia cerita dia mo magang di Astra taun depan, bagian design2 mobilnya. asli keren. dia ambil Industrial Design, yg intinya men-design produk, dan berhubung otomatif udah dunia kecintaan dia, makin semangatlah dia pengen ke Astra. good for you then, bay, emang udah dunia lu banget. FYI, this is the guy yg pas kita kelas 6 SD masih baru ngerasain pake komputer, dia dah make komputer utk design cover buku2 yg emang bener2 diterbitin akhirnya. giling.

we ended the evening with a dinner at Gelato Bar, the three of us plus Fajar Yasin yg nyusul kemudian. sama Fajar lebih berasa lagi, gue dah ga ketemu dia sekitar 5 taun, hahahahahaha

man, i really miss my friends. baru berasa kalo lagi kumpul2 pas liburan gini. *sigh*
Friday, January 07, 2005
a perfectionist? then so be it..
tugas2 menjelang final exams bikin gue makin sadar tentang sisi perfectionist gue. semua dimulai dengan tugas AdBis where we had to make a business plan. first thought comes to mind when my team finally came up with the business we wanted to work on was "ohkay, then i gotta make a logo. can really picture it now.. maybe i can put this picture, and that picture, and maybe i'll make it round, or maybe square? ooh yes, then i also have to make a company folder for it...". and so it happened. haven't seen other team's business plans, but quite confident to be sure that no other team made the same thing that my team made. gue bikin tu plan standarlah.. kertas concorde kuning muda dg jilid spiral kawat putih dan gue design dalemnya supaya keliatan kayak business plan beneran. thennn.. itu plan gue taro' di map yang dah gue custom sendiri. mapnya dah lengkap dengan logo dan alamat so-called-office. lastly gue taro' kartu nama company yg isinya nama tim gue. and voila! i can't be even prouder to see the output. itupun melalui proses panjang, terutama masa2 bikin map. jadi pas bikin map itu, pertama kali gue nge-print di this small printing-service deket BCA Margonda, yg selalu dipromosiin ama Tiono.

begitu nyampe, gue terangin lah ama dia kalo gue pengen print mapnya bolak-balik di kertas A3, karena nantinya mo dilipet. gambar kanan yang ini, gambar cover kiri yg itu. dan respon tukangnya kemudian, "*blink blink* mbak bisa adobe kan? kalo gitu mbak aja deh yg ngatur, ntar saya aja yg nge-print." HIYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...

anyway, setelah penantian 15 menit, akhirnya jadi juga. dan penonton kecewa.... hasilnya jauh dari design gue. gambarnya pecah, tintanya rada luber, wahhh sedih banget lah pokonya. so then, naek ojek dan kembalilah gue ke kampus utk rapat sama p'benny. nyampe di sana, bertemulah gue dg sate dan minta tolong utk lipetin kertas A3-nya supaya bentuknya jadi map A4. dg hati2 si sate mulai lipet2 when all of a sudden dia tarik nafas gaya orang shock "HHHHH?????!!!" gue ikutan panik, dan ternyata sodara2.... tu tinta blon kering banget, jadi jari sate item2, dan semua sidik jari dia jadi ada di all over pinggiran map. GYAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

so a week later, i spent 3 hours working on my printer utk nge-print sendiri mapnya di kertas A2. and boy do I love my HP DeskJet 1000C, mantap kaleee lah hasilnya. mapnya dipercantik dengan kertas film, dan voila... gue cinta deh hasilnya.

tugas yg laen waktu itu tu PPL. disuruh bikin dokumentasi berupa user-manual utk modul yg kita bikin. gue aga2 bingung sebenernya kenapa yg laen bisa ga bereaksi sama kayak gue. gue begitu denger disuru bikin manual, di kepala langsung kebayang user manual HP, yg ukurannya ga lebih gede dari B5. lengkap dengan gambar, penjelasan icon, kertasnya licin. jadilah gue semangat banget bikin user manual, bela2in beli kertas licin, etc, in which pas gue cek kelompok laen ternyata rata2 dijilid biasa dan diketik biasa pake Ms. Word. lah??

in a way kadang emang irrititating banget kayak gini, karena jadi butuh extra waktu utk bikin segala sesuatu. tapi ya... selama ngerjain, euh... ternyata gue extremely excited.. susah deh.

as exciting as it might be..
ada kah cewek2 laen yg punya ketakutan sama seperti gue dan anggia? jadi sudah sejak sma kami berdua (plus anggita) menyadari kalo kami2 ini punya ketakutan luar biasa terhadap mmmm... having sex. ketakutan tu mulai dari takut ga memuaskan, takut salah masuk (SERIUS NEH! punya cewek kan 3 lobang, kalo salah masuk gemana coba??), takut sakit, ya pokoknya takut!! sampe titik anggia berencana pas first night dia, dia mo pulang ke rumah bonyoknya, sementara gue pengen minum obat tidur aja biar langsung tidur. XD asli ini tolol.... tapi ya mo gemanaaaa?

last year christmas rocks!
really it was. keluarga gue dari pihak nyokap semua dateng dan kumpul, something that haven't done in the past.. i dunno... 15 years? more? semua karena oom wantje (my mom's smallest brother) tinggal di US dan tidak pernah pulang for the past years. kemaren akhirnya dia pulang, bawa 2 anak2 kecilnya: Sarah and Michael yg ga bisa ngomong bhs Indonesia lebih banyak dari:

michael = "Saya mau makan satay."
sarah = "kamu pisang bodoh."

they're angels...
at least that was my first impression. suara Sarah yg sangat imut itu (kalo mo denger, silakan datangi saya, dah gue record di HP soalnya) ternyata menipu karena kelakuannya bisa sangat devilish. my experience being with her for the whole weekend itu dipenuhi dengan jambakan rambut, injakan kaki, tamparan muka, penibanan pada seluruh badan, cubitan maut, yang kemudian diakhiri dengan "I'm sorry." sambil nyium pipi gue dg sangat manisnya.

tapi ya gitu, siklus bakal berulang lagi pada hari berikutnya. T_T

belum lagi omongan2 Sarah yg bisa jadi amat sangat jutek, terbukti dengan terjadinya conversation:
Sarah (S): can i feed the birds now? (referring to koleksi merpati2 bokap gue di atep rumah)
Ndari (nd): nope, they don't eat around these times.
S: don't they have dinner?
nd: err.... no.
S: do you feed them with worms?
nd: no, we feed them with rice *sambil nunjuk ke beras merah*
S: then how can they find the worms?
nd: well... *mulai bingung*... they usually fly down to the grass in the morning, they might just find the worms there.
S: *tatapan ga suka* you don't find worms in the grass. you find them in the soil. don't you know anything?

*ndari jambak2 rambut sendiri*

now that, was a 5 years old talking to me. which kalo ga inget fakta itu, pengen langsung gue goreng saat itu juga.

nonetheless, it was a real pleasure to have them around. rumah jadi rame, gue jg jadi banyak ketawa dan ngerasain lagi gemana rasanya punya adik kecil.

several days before christmas kita foto2 keluarga di rumah, dan mengakhiri acara itu dengan makan bersama dan cross kado. the best gift i got was from meta's dad: Motorola MPX200, kyaaaaaaaaaa!!! as my friends have known, gue adalah maniak Motorola. sekarang pun pake Sony Ericsson T610 karena pas gue beli saat itu, Motorola ga ada yg baru yg masih affordable, jdlah terpaksa beli T610. NDARI SENAAAAANG.... THIS IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER! wuakakakakakakak

several plans ahead
having Oom Wantje around that week was great as we talked quite alot about my future plans. apparently, UC ga minta work experience utk ngambil graduate programs mereka, dan standar nilai mereka pun ga setinggi let's say.. Harvard, Carnegie-Mellon, Yale, Princeton, ato any of those Ivy Leagues. jadi harapan pun mulai muncul di benak saya. after we discussed things, we agreed that maybe what's best for me in the future time ahead itu MIS + Accounting. the latter would be needed karena kalo cuma MIS, naga2nya gue bakal kalah saing sama anak2 IT laen. dan emang kayaknya lebih oke kalo punya dua ilmu, both IT ama Accounting. so current plan for my future: lulus 2006 dg GPA yg ga malu2in (AMIN YA RABBAL ALAMIIIN...), setaun istirahat utk nyiapin GMAT, TOEFL, ato mungkin ambil courses utk communication skills sambil mulai apply utk taun ajaran 2007. nyiapin GMAT dan TOEFL ini pun blon tau di mana. Oom Wantje nyaranin di Hawaii (although msh bingung kenapa particularly that state), nyokap somehow ga tau kenapa obsessed banget gue di S'pore lagi, sementara gue karena bergantung pada domet mak nyak (duh.. Mah, maafkan anakmu ini...), ikut apa aja keputusannya nanti.

makin berasa dg berakhirnya semester ini kalo makin pendek waktu gue menjelang kerja nanti. if things go well, i'll graduate in 1.5 years, dan itu bentar lagih lohhhhhh. so many things to think of. moga2 jalan hidup gue beres deh.. amin.

dan ANum menjadi penutup yg indah..
rangkaian final exams semester ini ditutup dengan ANum. yg dibandingin soal UTS-nya, masih lebih manusiawi dari segi tingkat kesulitan soal. tapi dari segi kalkulasi angka, ASLI DAH itu neraka jahanam!!!! GILAAAAAAAAA... ga manusiawi banget ngasi angka2nya! at this point, gue ga ngarep nilai bagus, cuma ngarep lulus aja. terutama mengingat UTS-nya cuma dapet 35 hahahahaha ehhh tapi itu masih bagus lohhh, masih rata2 laaah. yg laen aja ada yg 5, 10, 15, 25, dg pencilan si kampret arnold yg dapet 70. wuuuhhh! perusak pasaran nilai banget dah! >_< hehe tapi gue tetep cinta ama elu kok, nold. ;P

some people can just be /so/ unreliable
megang jabatan sebagai ketua itu antara lain meaning that you gotta have the confidence, bahwa anak buah lu percaya semua sama whatever yg elu putusin, and also meaning that you /lead/. ga nunggu apa kata orang, ga sibuk mempertimbangkan apa kata semua orang yang laen, or even worse, bergantung sama pendapat orang laen. and this is the kind of person i'm currently dealing with. tiap ada kondisi apa, sontak nge-sms gue nanya enaknya gemana. awal2 masih feeling flattered karena pendapat gue dihargain banget. tapi lama2 mulai annoying karena akhirnya gue merasa, "ini yg ketua siapa sih?!" wong gue anak buahnya. then di bawah kepemimpinan dia, semuanya kacau, gerakan ga terkoordinir, job description ga jelas sama sekali, rapat selalu molor ke mana2, sementara waktu kita kerja udah mepet banget. GYAHHHHH!!!! ini gemana mo sukses coba kalo ketuanya aja kayak begene?!

duh kebelet pipis..
several events coming ahead:

1. Java Jazz Festival



300,000 rupiah Multi- Pass ticket

Day By Day
Friday only - 150,000 rupiah
Saturday only - 175,000 rupiah
Sunday only - 100,000 rupiah

Tickets will be on sale from January 15 and from then till February 15 those purchasing tickets will get an 'Early Bird'discount of 15%.

Stage Schedule:

Jakarta Convention Center
4 March 2005
16.00 - 02.00 WIB

Jakarta Convention Center
5 March 2005
11.00 - 03.00 WIB

Jakarta Convention Center
6 March 2005
11.00 - 22.00 WIB

Artist Final Confirmation :
Amp Fiddler
Earth Wind and Fire Experience
Eric Benet
George Duke
Gilles Peterson
James Brown
Jeff Kashiwa
Jeff Lorber
Laura Fygi
Tania Maria
Vinny Valentino

Artist Pending Final Confirmation :
Angie Stone
Brand New Heavies
Dave Koz
Lizz Wright
Steve Reid
Tetsuo Sakurai (ex. Cassiopia)

Artist Still To Be Considered :
Anthony Hamilton
George Benson
Joe Sample
Joe Sample & The Crusaders
Lee Ritenour
Patti Austin
The Temptations

coba yaa bagi teman2ku yg mo nonton, supaya saya dikabari. lagi nyari temen neh, soalnya PENGEN BUANGEEEEETTT NONTOOOONN! gila! kapan lagi liat EWF, Eric Benet, Incognito, James Brown, Laura Fygi, Angie Stone, Brand New Heavies, Dave Koz coba?! Blon lagi kalo George Benson, Lee Ritenour, ama TEMPTATIONS jg ikut! KYAAAA!!! seumur2 cuma bisa liat di video doang, pengeeeen..

2. L'Arc~en~Ciel Road to Famous
27 February 2005 at NewsCafe, Kemang Raya - Jakarta

- Mosern Dance
- Fashion Show
- Wanna B Laruku
- Game

@Guest Star
*Sakura Drops
*Melody Maker

Tiket Rp 25,000 incl. first drink
dapat dipesan di Ruo 08567514123 atau Anggie 7318249
Tiket dan Tempat Terbatas!
Asu e mukete maware
Yume ni odore sabaku de
the roses! fall down! then crush!
It's an usual thing
help me! help me!
she screams out
you wanna come along on...

np: L'Arc~en~Ciel - Route 666

and i finally i have the chance to update this blog. :)

well the year 2004 has passed with many interesting things happening to me. let's see...

1. i turned 20! the number "2" somehow gave a significant impression that i /am/ getting older. i mean, 17, 18, 19, in a way still makes me feel so ABG-ish. but 20... hmmm... getting more and more mature.

2. had my chance to have an internship at SingTel. something that i'd always be proud of, and feel very lucky for. knowing that not everyone can have this chance. and to make things even more beautiful, the HRD manager promised to help me to get a job there when i graduate (hopefully) next year. alhamdulillah... can never thank God enough for this. :)

3. the lips operation which followed by jetto being mentioned in HAI magazine! so yes, i had a lips operation. it all started when i had this huge errr... benjolan tuh apa yah bahasa inggrisnya..? bump? anyway had this HUGE "thing" on my lips which i thought was stomatis apthosa (Latin) a.k.a Aften (Dutch) a.k.a Cloud Essence (Randy TM) a.k.a sariawan (Indonesian). *looks at everyone's puzzled look* heeyy.. gue ga tau itu bhs inggris-nya apaaa.. maap dah.

anyway so yes, had that "thing" for 2-3 months. then started to wonder why it won't vanish. so i went to the doctor and found out that that "thing" on my lower lip was a muccocel (forgive the typo, ga tau ejaannya..), another word for.... eh gila, capek juga pake bhs inggris, dari tadi mabok nerjemahin istilah2 aneh gini.

JADI BEGENE. ceritanyaaa.. ada benjolan di bibir gue, gede banget dan cukup obvious. buat ngomong susah, mo nutup bibir rapet2 susah, tidur juga jadi ngeces mulu gara2 tu bibir ga bisa nutup total. nahh.. dulu pernah kayak gini, in which sekali waktu kegigit, dan akhirnya pecah, isinya aer semua. pas yg ini, rada gedeg jg gue tungguin kok ga pernah kegigit. mo ngegigit sendiri aga2 keder juga.. akhirnya ke dokter lah saya, dan baru tau kalo itu namanya muccocel, alias pembesaran kelenjar liur. jadi yg seharusnya air liur itu keluar ke mana2, ini kayak kesuben jadi ga keluar dan akhrinya jadi benjolan yg terus membesar. jadilah kemudian bibir saya diseset melalui sebuah operasi kecil.

the next day, bibir jelas jadi bonyok banget, kayak orang abis ditonjok. lengkap dengan memarnya, belum the hideous look karena banyak benang2 everywhere. bete lah ke kampus, dan usaha sok2 menutupi pun selalu gagal, karena emang jelas banget keliatan itu bibir lagi bonyok. dlm keadaan kayak gitu, tiba2 drummer-ku tercinta telepon, "ndar, ntar pulang kuliah elu ke Kebon Jeruk yah." "ha, mo ngapain?" "kita mo diwawancara HAI, photo-session-nya hari ini."

*ndari berpikir mo ke Kebon Jeruk naek apa*
*ndari baru sadar dg kondisi bibir*
*ndari baru sadar kalo photo session itu artinya, kita /difoto/. artinya tu bibir bonyok bakal nongol di majalah*
OH SHIT!!!!!

and so it happened. terlepas dari segala kebanggaan dan kebahagiaan gue karena Jetto finally masuk HAI (please note kalo artikelnya cuma seuprit... tapi tetep aja, ada foto kita di situuuu! huekekekekekek), gue masih sedih ngeliat bibir gue yg bonyok itu yg di-publish.

4. gue sempet kurus. coba tolong yaahhh diingat2 kalo itu tu "sempat". soalnya memang cuma bertahan sekitar 2 bulan sejak gue pulang dari S'pore. pas itu sih seneng banget, pake baju2 yg dulu dah bisa lagi, mo ke mana2 pede. dan would you believe pinggul gue yg lingker-nya itu lebih dari 1 meter dan selama ini gue kira tulang, ternyata bisa nyusut ampe lebih dari 6 cm! WUAAAHHH... keajaiban dunia banget.

cuma ya itu tadi, "sempat". sekarang, ditambah dengan minggu2 finals yg rutin tiap taunnya bikin gue menggembrot krn kalo stress gue tend to snack, sudah menggembrot lagi sayah.

5. found the person that i've been looking for all along, as much as cliche it sounds. :P still can't believe it sometimes when i think about us, one of the most unlikely couple, and yet very happy and relieved to know that we're doing great so far. moga2 yg sekali ini awet, amin...
meskipun pacar gue yg ini aga2 brengsek. coba yahhhh pernah any of you denger ada co ngasi panggilan sayang buat pacarnya: BABI SIPIT BONYOK BUNCIT????? GILAAAA... cinta banget dah gua ama ni orang!! ¬¬

6. and the ultimate: *JRENG JREEEENG* gue dah bisa ngupas dan makan buah jeruk! wuakakakak untuk para pembaca budiman yang belum pernah kenal saya sebelumnya, harap dimengerti kenapa hal ini menjadi sangat penting buat saya... karena SAYA BENCI BUAH. buah tu ga enak, baunya ga keruan, bentuknya aneh, terus mentah pula. ewwww....

anyway, i ended the year with a hilarious barbecue party at dwi's. 'twas hilarious as too many stupid, idiotic, and hilarious things happened that day. couldn't stop laughing all night, and really i was happy to know that by that end of the year, got my significant someone with me and my best friends all around me. *mellow mode-on*

so yes, mari kita sambut tahun baru ini dengan suka cita, dan doa dan harapan semoga taun baru ini lebih baik dari sebelumnya. terutama semoga korban2 gelombang tsunami di Aceh yang masi hidup diberi ketabahan dan kemudahan menghadapi cobaan ini, dan semoga yg meninggal supaya amal2 ibadahnya diterima di sisi Tuhan, aminnn...


gue sendiri dah bikin resolusi utk tahun ini:
1. as stupid as it may sound, resolusi #1 : makan buah apel.
2. turun 5 kg
3. rutin ke gym every week, at least 3 times a week
4. ngurangin karbohidrat utk 2 bulan pertama ini, kalo bisa malah nggak sama sekali kecuali pas sarapan
5. ga makan daging kecuali ikan

dan semogaaaa... saya berhasiiiiilll.... amiiiinnnn....

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