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Thursday, June 30, 2005
day #1
deadly homesick. apparently i have this routine of having homesick upon my first day in another country whenever i go alone. the last time this happened was when i went to melbourne on an exchange program. i went extremely homesick on the first day, but when i woke up the next morning, everything went fine for me. well that was what happened 2 days ago. kept on sending sms-es to my mom and him. spent about 5 hours walking around orchard and city hall doing basically nothing other than window shopping. did some grocerries shopping though, bought non-fat milk and whole wheat bread for my breakfast, and low fat yoghurt for night snack.

day #2
felt quite energetic in the morning. so i woke up around 8, having an extra 2 hours sleeping after my morning prayers. took a shower, then rushed to city hall to go online as i don't have an internet connection back in the apartment. waited 2 hours for an important email, didn't get any, so then i went to orchard road instead. didn't realize that it was already 12 PM by the time i arrived there. so i had a cup of macchiato for lunch, while reading pak stef's "rule of four" and listening to some mp3s. to my surprise i kinda enjoyed that moment, been a while since i actually had a real time to take a rest and relax myself with books and coffee.
ohkay, i admit, plus 2 cigarettes. spare me, i'm finishing my last box i brought from indonesia. and to my dear cousin, no worries lah.. i don't smoke in the apartment. =P currently only have 5 cigarettes left (which is a record btw, this last box has lasted for the past 3 days... never happened in the past month!).. *sob*

anyway, had some random thoughts in the middle of my reading.

i enjoy being a workaholic. i mean, the whole excitement when deadlines are near, the stress when there are too many things to do (yes, it's like a masochist thing. the stress has always been painful, yet i'm craving for it), the thing about not having time to do anything else (although kalo buat pacaran selalu gue selipin waktu hahahaha), seeing all crashing schedules in my PDA, it's just purely excitement. but it's just that when i get physically drained, i really hate it. the mind just kept on working, prohibiting me to sleep instantly after i jumped onto my bed, yet i knew that the body's been aching and asking for some rest. then i would turn to more coffee, sometimes double shots of espresso, to keep me alive. so it's like a dilemma. i won't deny that i really love the excitement, but i hate it when the body just won't compromise.

so i thought some breaks would always be compulsory. such as the coffee break i had on that day. been a while since i've been that relaxed.

although i'd alot prefer to have someone to talk to though. =(

anyway, finished having my coffee, i went to HMV to buy l'arc~en~ciel's latest album "awaken" for raden, several cute birthday cards, then went to paragon. went strolling around, as usual doing some window shopping, then strucked up at the 5th level, looking at the fitness first. couldn't help myself not to stop by, so i did. after 30 minutes having a consultation with the PR, i finally had subscribed for a membership for the next 2 months. yeay!

and yes, i did have my first bodyCombat class at 5.20 PM yesterday. hell, it was great!!! so different from the mybodygym lahh... there were around 20 people there, combination of guys & girls, a really great and energetic atmosphere, with people punching, doing jabs & uppercuts, low kick, side kick, jump kick, 32 nonstop knee-kick, plus all the yelling! man... i had a euphoria, am a fetish for this class hahahaha

finished the class, got all tired, then had soup and coffee for my dinner at terazza, just across lucky plaza. arrived home at 9.30 PM, did ALOT of ironing, then went to bed.

day #3
woke up at 6.20 AM this morning, did my morning prayers, then started vaccuming the apartment. and man, that was a real sport in the morning. finished that, then went to collect the trash from all rooms, doing some dish-washing, was about to clean the toilet but couldn't find any cleaner-liquid so cancelled that. then went to take a shower, and rushed to the net cafe. and here i am.

planning to do more window shopping at the shaw house and tangs, plus another bodyCombat class at 6.30 this evening. woohoo!

other things
so far i've noticed here:
1. indonesians
2. indonesians
3. indonesians
4. cutie ang-moh i had a chat with at orchard, after he offered me his lighter
5. every trash bin has an ashtray on top of it, nice! how come i didn't notice it before..
6. alot of women are wearing high-heels. i'm amazed.. i mean with the amount of walking here, i can't even stand wearing no-heels shoes (unfortunately going barefoot is too noticeable).
7. been constantly raining here. sometimes even out of the blue in the middle of a hot day.

miss most:
1. him
2. miptah's coffee in the morning
3. jetto

oof, 2 months to go! ciao!
Monday, June 27, 2005
so it has finally come to this day. tomorrow i'll be leaving for Singapore, taking off around 10 in the morning. 3 days doing errr.. groceries shopping, window shopping, subscribing to the gym, and getting familiar with things. day #4 should be my first day at work. *exhales* wish me luck, people. and wish y'all good luck for your jobs as well, moga2 KP kita semua sukses! amiiiinnn...

Saturday, June 25, 2005
Gone Too Soon
by Michael Jackson

Like a comet
Blazing 'cross the evening sky
Gone too soon

Like a rainbow
Fading in the twinkling of an eye
Gone too soon

Shiny and sparkly
And splendidly bright
Here one day
Gone one night

Like the loss of sunlight
On a cloudy afternoon
Gone too soon

Like a castle
Built upon a sandy beach
Gone too soon

Like a perfect flower
That is just beyond your reach
Gone too soon

Born to amuse
To inspire to delight
Here one day
Gone one night

Like a sunset
Dying with the rising of the moon
Gone too soon
Gone too soon

dedicated to our dearest Oom Derry. it was a shock to all of us (especially with the fact we still had all the fun together at eyang's birthday bash last Sunday), too soon, too quick, but maybe it's for the best. may his soul rest in peace.
Thursday, June 23, 2005
the minute i collected my OOP exam, the minute i realized that this one hell of semester is FINALLY OVER, YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! nilai2 sih dah pasrah banget, apalagi DAA. bisa dapet C pun gue udah bersyukur, asal ga ngulang aja deh.. hiks.. T_T

i'd be departing on the 28th, two lonely months.. giling.. ngebayanginnya aja dah bete duluan. well sure i'd be living on my own, tapi kan ga kenal siapa2 di sono. taro' deh mo clubbing ama Wendy, paling berapa kali sih? and what am i gonna do in the other days?!!! buehhhh...

terus tadi baca comment raden ama postingan didit di website jetto yang terakhir, hueeee.. makin kangen anak2. giliran gue mo pergi aja deh, baru ada tawaran masuk dapur rekaman. emang namanya luck ga bisa ditawar2 sih datengnya kapan. X(

will be back in the 26th though, takut ada yang ngomel kalo pas wisuda gue ga dateng hehe. dan gue baru tau, ternyata kita masuk tanggal 29 yah? ga seru ah, taun lalu kan kita masuknya september. :P ngelamar jadi asdos ddp lagi ahhhh...
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
ikut2 andin, ambil test di http://www.blogthings.com/keystoyourheartquiz/. some are very interesting. such as this:

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.
In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.
You'd like to your lover to think you are loyal and faithful... that you'll never change.
You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.
Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.
Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.
You think of marriage as something that will confine you. You are afraid of marriage.
In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

*lol* i couldn't help but notice the 2nd last point.. XD

then whaddaya know...

American Cities That Best Fit You:

65% New York City
60% Chicago
60% Los Angeles
60% Washington, DC
55% Philadelphia

hahah! just as i thought... *wide grin*
“gak pa-pa kali, ndar. Semua orang tu ada fase rusaknya. Kayak gue deh misalnya. Elu inget kan bulan lalu pas kita semua lagi ancur2nya ?“
“Inget banget lah.. Wong gue ikutan stress ngeliatin elu semua lagi kayak gitu.“
“Itu dia. Gini lho, IP gue ga pernah di bawah 3, sampe gue lulus SMA ga tau kenapa gue selalu jadi ketua kelas. Gue ga pernah bolos sekolah seumur hidup gue. Jadi ya.. at some point gue pengen aja ngerasain nakal2 dikit. “

that came from a best friend after I told him that I myself am quite concerned with my current unhealthy lifestyle (say… 3 cups of coffee, 6 cigarettes, and 2 aspirins up to this minute? hehehe) who finally stopped going to clubs and stopped drinking.

Well my friend, I think that’s one interesting way to justify things. *laughs* So after my so-called will which vanished in seconds, I still went on with the cigarettes. Congratulations to another dear friend, emil, as you proved your words hahahaha Where are you by the way? Been a long hiatus I can see.

Anyway, here I am blogging again after I realize that the mood isn’t there yet to study. And to think that tomorrow’s an ISM final exam…. THAT’S ONE HELL OF A LOT OF READING, SIR!!!! Kejem abis…. Bahannya ga manusawi ini mah.

It’s been one tiring day. I arrived at Cornel around 7.30 to grab some things that are still left (shirts, tooth brush, 3 packs of coffee, creamer, Equal, body lotion, toner, etc.), 8.30 at campus to get some slide copies at Pako. And guess what, they don’t have any copy left, and Susi had brought the master copy home. So there I was in the cafeteria, all stressed out, when Feha went to be the life savior! Tadaaaaa!!! He got his copy, so I planned to grab his, copy ‘em, and rush to Murad to have my acne treatment.

I walked to the parking lot, couldn’t find my car, so I called my driver, “Pak, lagi di mana?”



So apparently, it was either I didn’t say the words clearly, or he was just being stupid, but he went home. Told Feha that I’m coming to his place, burned some calories as it’s not as near as I thought it would be, got irritated with a lot of mamang-mamang on way to his place (with those whistles and annoying hi’s), but I was there. He accompanied me for a while, then my driver came, and I rushed to Murad.

Arrived there around 11, then went through the most painful 2 hours in my entire life. “Beauty is pain… beauty is pain…”, I kept telling myself while I hold on the sheets and had my tears kept on falling while the lady was doing my face.

Yep, been an uninteresting day.

the theory
Could it be that the load of our assignments had finally brushed off our mood for the final exams? I’m not saying that I ever /had/ the mood to face the final exams, it’s just that I found so many people complaining similarly, “I’m SO NOT in the mood to study for this final exams!”, including myself. It doesn’t usually happens. I mean, on the previous final exams, I’d still hate to study, but I still would in the end knowing that well.. it’s a FINAL exams. My grades are at stake there. But not this year, I don’t even care about my grades.
Okay, I do. But I don’t know… I don’t feel as panicked, it’s more like…”whatever will be will be lah..”.

Have no single clue on what might to happen to my GPA this semester.

the birthday bash
It’s this weekend. I’m done with the clothes, just have to find the right shoes and purse. Anyone have a suggestion on what to do with my hair? I was thinking either a French twist or a simple ‘sanggul’. The clothes would be a batik long skirt with a formal Sabrina as the top.

Haven’t practiced singing though. I still hope that they’ll drop this idea. It’s stupid and embarrassing. Can you imagine that I was told to sing “Mother, how are you todaaaaayyy…”??? I fought by giving ideas of other songs, which in the end comes to Potret’s “Bunda”. But still…. Me. Singing in front of 500 guests. Major no-no.

the mood
Not in the mood to study. AT ALL.

But yes, in the mood to:
1. Have a coffee-break. Always.
2. Go shopping.
3. Have a hair-spa.
4. Have a muddy mud pie at Coffee Club.
5. Take a bodyCombat class.

the activities
1. Still haven’t been decided on either Debian Conference #2 or Linux Conference #1. Prefer the first though.
2. Haven’t got the financial report of PT SANGU thus haven’t done with the PPM report.
3. Ran out of printer ink so I can’t print the rests of Anaperancis user manual and the final report.
4. Haven’t even started making the PLBO report.
5. Haven’t started making the DebConf proposal.

Ohkay, this gotta stop. I gotta start studying. *looks at the slides* Man, I’m definitely not sleeping tonight… *sob*
Wednesday, June 08, 2005
i'm a fool. :P
Wednesday, June 01, 2005
2 shots of espresso. efeknya janggal. mata kebuka lebar dan segar, padahal mulut nguap mulu hahahaha tolol. gue kira kerjaan masih banyak malem ini, ternyata masih stuck di GUI plbo ajah, dogol... tau gitu pesen cappucinno gpp sebenernya. T_T

anyway, had a great time this evening, bertemu dengan lany, anin, and bebeque. sempet pula ketemu k'adika, k'feg, k'marcel, sama k'adit. k'adika ga berubah, masih GUANTENG, JO! lumayan lah, bikin mata seger hehe dan tentu saja, sore ini kami habiskan dengan bergosip non-stop, meng-update kabar2 terakhir dari AIPL 5 yang lain. ada yang dah putus, ada yang dah balik, ada yang masih teruuus. yang ga berubah cuma anin, as i quote "masih digantung kayak tali jemuran" hahahahaha guys nowadays and their fear on commitments.. *geleng2*

small updates
so, i'm finally breathing again (don't take it literally) this week. setelah presentasi anaperancis dah lewat, boleh bernafas lah.. yang rada bikin panik tinggal plbo, karena implementasi juga. sisanya laporan2 nonstop.

dan UAS 2 minggu lagi, OH TIDAAAAAAAKKK... ini DAA gemanaaaa... hadohhhhh....

belakangan batuk makin sering, ble'e. pengen mulai fitness lagi deh, dah terbengkalai sebulan lewat sejak mulai sibuk ama tugas2 dari fakultas ga manusiawi ini. dan kenapa oh kenapaaaaa... *mengepalkan tangan, menghadap ke atas, air mata lurus ke bawah*

KP insya Allah bakal jadi bener di sono, berangkat akhir bulan ini (wuedeee.. cepet juga yah..). dan dengan gilanya, blon bisa dipastiin gue di-assign ke project apa. ga tau musti bersyukur ato menyumpah serapah punya PA yang nanya pun ngga gue bakal dapet proyek apa. pokonya semuanya buat dia tu kayaknya "gampang laaah...". tinggal tetep di Bishan (asli dah, betis bakal gede ni balik2), terus panggil amah2 saben weekend utk bantu bebersih apato.

intermezzo bentar..
belakangan makin galak bebaso plembang. awalnyo garo2 farah samo aku baru tau kalok umak-bapak kami tu ternyato bekawan nian. jadilah sering sms-an kami2 ni. berhubung ceritanyo "wong kita galo" ni tadi banggo nian samo baso leluhur, naaaa... mulai lah bebaso plembang terus.

dan lamo2 kuperhatike, plembang tu icak2nyo kecik nian. satu kenal samo yang lain. pacak lah itu di kawinan sepupunya ndun, ado pulok eyangku. ujinyo jadi tamu bae, tapi diundang pulok pas siraman. o_O

anyway, berat gue dah balik normal lagi! huekekekekek sempet sedih seminggu ini sempet naek ke 52 menjelang 53, gara2 emang lagi getol makan. curiga gara2 PMS. akhirnya seminggu ini membatasi makan lagi, dan sukses.. beratku kembali di perkisaran 51 buehehehehehe saya suenang...

dah ah, mo ngerjain plbo lagih..

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