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Friday, December 30, 2005
God, my fart stinks.
hmm... now why do people's farts stink?
my 4 days vacation in Bali has proven me that I am very much a "city person". i spent the first 2 nights in Amandari, and the last night in Como Shambala (previously known as "Begawan Giri"), both are two very fine hotels in Bali. and they sure /are/ expensive, the first was about US$ 700/night, and the latter was US$ 1,650/night. no wonder i could only find bule & japanese around. oh well, gladly we didn't have to pay for both (long story on this). X) when i arrived in Amandari, man.. was I amazed. it was beautiful! they build the hotel in the middle of the forest, on the cliff. so you can imagine how breathtaking the view was. every guest will get their own villa, which is a great place for a honeymoon. 1 pool in each villa, beautiful and comfortable, however.... NO TV. heck, i enjoyed the first what... 30 minutes of the view? but then, started to get bored. had no clue on what to do. but gladly... i brought my laptop! yeaaay... so i got to do some work there, checked some assignments, finalized my part for the SP report, then started to play Zuma followed with watching Friends season 4.

went shopping to Pasar Guang, and very happy to see my mom went shopping efficiently. it took her less than half an hour to fill in the luggage, with a dozen shirts, a dozen sarong's, 8 bags, 2 t-shirts, and numerous pairs of sandals.

mbak2: bu, kemejanya, buuu... buat penglariss..
mom: berapa, mbak?
mbak2: 50 tapi masih bisa turun kok..
mom: 15.
mbak2: wah..ga dapet, bu...
mom: ya udah, 20. saya ambil banyak.
mbak2: mmm.. *berpikir*
mom; saya ambil ini, ini, ini.. *nunjuk segala warna*
mbak2: *kelabakan*

hahahahaha... that's SO my mom! paling demen deh belanja ama dia, mikirnya ga pake lama. tinggal anak2nya yang repot kebagian kerjaan bawain semua belanjaan ke mobil.

other than that, went shopping for a swimsuit. everytime i liked one type of a swimsuit, it turned out that the price was crazy. found a nice maroon halter swimsuit in Roxy, cost Rp 399,000.

obviously i walked away.

then both my mom and i set our eyes on this zebra pattern 2 piece, was very nice! then looked at the price tag, Rp 879,000. FOR A SWIMSUIT?!!! in the end got just a simple black halter for less than Rp 150,000. the cheapest we could found. man..

2 nights in Amandari, then we moved to Como Shambala. now this, is one hotel for people who are in GREAT SHAPE! let me emphasize on that. it's in the cliff, needed a LOT of walking to go here and there. by the time we reached our room, we were sure that we won't be going anywhere as we were exhausted. we asked about the spa, in which the staff told us that it's just near the river. then we asked how far it is. and they said, "it's about 300 steps down." (anak tangga, maksud gua. bahasa inggrisnya apa yah?).

our jaws dropped.

then they tried to persuade us, "but it's really worth it, ma'am! the view is breathtaking, and the massage is really good. it's very popular, you know?".

yeah, right. i'll be dead by the time i'm back up in my room after going 600 steps back and forth. no, thank you.

anyway, this time the room has a TV. but no internet connection. i can only see TREES outside the window. trees, trees, trees. boy, was i bored. i need buildings, people! buildings, and streets, and traffic jams, and cars, and crowd, aaaaaarrrghhh!!! so today, the flight was supposed to be at 6.15 PM. my mom was being brilliant by rushing us to go to the airport and asked for an earlier flight. so at 5 PM, i was back in my lovely room, home sweet home hahah. :)

and finally the SP is finally done. just have to wait for the test sometime next week. as for the internship report, i sure have to rush it next week, *groans* oh well.. at least it's gonna be one hectic holiday.

so what're you guys doing for New Year? my plan so far is spending a crazy night with my ex-bandmates. hopefully it'll be great. ^_^

now.. 2006 resolution:
1. back to the routine: exercise at least 3 times a week. better if i do it in the gym.
2. smoke less, hopefully i can go for less than 4 cigarettes a day.
3. stop going on a too-strict diet. go on a better portion-control.
4. more veggies.
5. 1 more type of fruit to eat?
6. get good grades for my final semester.
7. take good care of my skin, i've neglected it so far by letting zits grow on my face. eewww.
8. maintain a healthy relationship with my b/f. small disagreements are tolerable.
9. get myself a good job before the year ends.

Friday, December 09, 2005
"Dasar cinta wanita itu adalah perasaan ingin disayangi. Dasarnya pria, adalah perasaan ingin memiliki."

----- Gege, "Gege Mencari Cinta"

"Sulitnya jadi perempuan. Gengsi adalah kulit kedua mereka. Kulit yang mengikat mereka meraih takdir yang sebenarnya jauh lebih luas. Yang sebenarnya dapat membuat mereka mendapatkan apa yang benar-benar mereka mau."

----- Adhitya Mulya, "Gege Mencari Cinta"

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
quotes of the day

"...we regret the invention of cigarettes, cigars, and such." --- Group 10.

"Points taken, ok. Sentence taken, not ok." --- Rully. *lokal*

things that are keeping me pretty much occupied
1. AC kost yg bocor.
2. Laporan SP yang menghitung mundur 9 hari.
3. Laporan KP yang menghitung mundur 39 hari.
4. Laporan SPK yang menghitung mundur 5 hari.
5. e-commerce final exam.
6. Komas final exam.
7. leaflet & booklet Al Izhar yang pengen gue bakar.

oh darn.

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