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Thursday, May 31, 2007
so life's back to normal.
what i mean by normal is pretty much no more of those routine headaches (literally, i've been taking aspirins the whole week), no more of those so-called-philosophical questions of life "what's wrong with my life?" or "what da hell am i doing?", and i'm getting back on track on some things i've always been wanting to do.

i know that acun might've said "emang lo pernah gak diet?" as he has always seen me picking all those green foods with little fat and coffees with no natural sugar no whip cream plus low fat milk hahah. but really, i'm sick of hitting my plateau. my weight won't budge from 51-52 kg, and i'm still aiming for 48-49ish. so for the past few days, i've been having oatmeal for breakfast, brown rice with veggies for lunch (omelet today, yup.. i'm cheating), and 1 plain wheat bread for dinner i always buy at the gym after i workout.

and a couple cups of coffee in between.

work out
i've finally signed up for the Rapid Result Training at Celebrity Fitness. don't be fooled by the glory program name, it's basically me being accompanied with a personal trainer. that's all. all i need is a bit push in the beginning, so i'd be needing my PT to constantly nag if i don't come to the gym. just to kick my habit back. and i'd be needing his assembled program for me. i'd stop after 2 months, continue my program on my own because i think i'd be able to do it alone by then.

and because i don't think i can afford the program for more than 14 sessions. hahah.

it's fun though, been meeting a couple of friends at the gym everyday. so far i've met bebe & rianti, sindy, sayaka, achiet, and LOTS of celebrities (no wonder they name the gym "Celebrity Fitness"). i've seen jeremy thomas everyday, samuel rizal (looks alot nicer botak) nicky tirta (who looks very boyish, very much GAK macho), and some other ABG sinetron stars with names i can't recall. oh, and rianti again, since i think she counts as a celeb.

oh and i've tried RPM class! it's DEADLY!! rasanya persis kayak pas pertama kali gue ikut Body Combat. agak2 dah mo pingsan pas 1 track dah abis. pas liat jam dan menyadari baru setengah jam terlewati, makin berasa mo mati. hahahaha but it's hell a lot of fun. terus dengan sok jagonya, udah kelar RPM sejam dan agak2 mo tewas, pas gue keluar ruangan ternyata Body Combat mo mulai within 30 mins. istirahat dong gue, terus masuk kelas Body Combat.
baru 15 menit, gue dah mo mokat.

jadi keinget pas masih di S'pore 2 taun yang lalu. tiap hari pulang kantor ke gym, terus puas sendiri aja kalo bisa nggak bolong 1 hari ke gym. 1 milestone's passed.

the thing is, resolusi taun 2007 gue adalah ke gym secara rutin. baru kesampean sekarang :P

baru2 ini dikasih link ke program Accelarated MBA-nya Chicago Columbia Biz School. menarik banget ternyata, only until i saw the tuition fee. duh mahalnya sekolah di US... T_T around US$ 70k/year, and it's a 2 years-program.

on the friendship department
gak tau kenapa, tapi kok kayaknya lagi banyak bener ya yang punya masalah. randomly my friends would ask if they can come over to my place just to talk about their problems. not that i have a problem about it, gue sih selalu seneng dengerin cerita2 orang. cuma ade ape banget kok tiba2 hare gene pada lagi punya masalah macem2. dari mulai temen yang kalap pengen literally bunuh orang, temen yang merasa kena gejala bullimia, temen yang punya financial problems, ampe the usual problem in the love area hahaha

so now it's official that life's back to normal. :)

upcoming movies yang menarik apa aja yah? besides Pirates of Carribean, maksud gue. ada lagi gak sih yang bakal menarik? ato TV series deh yang menarik tu apa lagi ya? Heroes ama Grey's Anatomy udah abis utk season ini soalnya hiks.. sementara House masih gue cari season 2-nya, ketinggalan banget. :P
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
this is way too predictable.
took the Grey's Diagnosis Quiz (found it through Mita's blog), and the result was too predictable. hahah. :D she /is/ my favorite character anyway.

Friday, May 18, 2007
being able to dream.
At some point maybe we have accepted that the dream has become a nightmare.
We tell ourselves that the reality is better.
We convince ourselves that it's better that we never dream at all.

But the strongest of us, the most determined of us, we held on to the dream.
Or we find ourselves face to a fresh dream we never considered.
We awake to find ourselves against all odds, feeling hopeful.

And if we're lucky, we realize in the face of everything, in the face of life,
the true dream is being able to dream. At all.

Dr. Grey of Grey's Anatomy
season 3 eps. 23

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