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Friday, November 26, 2004
and whadaya know.. surprise surprise..
never liked surprises. to me, a surprise is another way of saying "an unpredictable condition, simply unplanned, a situation where i just can't get a grip and i don't feel like having a full control of it." never liked it before, never like it now. maybe it's just my nature as a very well-planned person. some people have told me that i'm making my life boring, as i don't like anything spontaneous. well.. hmm.. i don't know, it's just that when things are going out of my plan, i'd get all nervous and would suddenly lost all my confidence. it's a habit, i guess.

something just happened. not quite a surprise though, have actually predicted that this thing would just happen sooner or later. unfortunately it's quite worse than what i had predicted. some changes, and i'm not saying good ones, might happen after i get through this phase. and God, how i wish this phase will be over soon. feeling uneasy since last night, started to feel the pain bit by bit, the stress has even started to pile up in my head, don't know who to share cause even if i share this with anyone, it just won't help. things just won't change, at least not by sharing this with anyone else.

had had enough of a "chicken sleep" (hehehe tidur ayam, maksudnya) this evening, so here i am now, as always, occupying myself with my last resort: work.

just my 2 cents, don't mind me.
Thursday, November 25, 2004
forgot to mention, gue shocked banget liat one of my cousins pas ke bali kemaren. KURUS BANGET! ASLI PARAHHH... turun ada kali sekitar 8 kg-an. yang sayangnya, toketnya ga ikutan kecil hahahahahahah jadi jomplang gitu ukuran badannya. iri sih pengen kurusin badan ampe kayak gitu, seneng aja bisa lebih leluasa milih baju. tapi kalo toket ga ikutan kecil, duile.. serem juga...

hehehe posting-an ga penting.
Monday, November 22, 2004
soooo... WHAT'S UP, PEOPLE?! been a while since i wrote my last 'real' posting (the last one doesn't count). back to campus, so basically things have gone back to normal. ANum sudah dengan kejinya mulai melahirkan tugas makalah lagi, penantian terhadap tugas 3 ManPro juga sudah dimulai, AdBis dah keluar ide utk business plan tinggal ditulisnya aja yg blon, TBA udah mulai riweuh dengan turing machine-nya yang baru ngebayangin gemana cara bikinnya aja gue udah keburu mabok, so yeah.. like i've said, things have gone back to normal. :P

the trip to bali...
leaving me with a flu.

gue kena, adek gue juga, nyokap juga. which is kinda weird. setau saya bali itu panas lho yaaaa.. terkenal juga karena bule2 yg suka telanjang sengaja buat berjemur dan bikin kulit item. dan itu berarti.... logically matahari bersinar terang toh? panas toh? kok gue kena flu yah.. nyokap yang ternyata oh ternyata, ga cuma flu, tapi diikuti dengan demam tinggi berhari-hari dan akhirnya typhus. duh kesian.. sementara gue sampe hari ini masih suka bersin2 ga keruan. didukung dengan cuaca depok yang senantiasa hujan dan AC kamar kost yg kalo lagi musim kemarau somehow jadi panas, dan kalo lagi musim hujan kayak gini suhunya bikin gue ga bisa lepas dari jaket ato selimut di kamar. dasar aneh, kok AC-nya nyocokin diri ama cuaca sih. :P which reminds me udah saatnya gue bawa jaket biasa ke kost. beberapa hari ini kerja ampe pagi membuat gue terpaksa pake jakun di kamar... gue ga ada jaket. hehe

things going around us
1. l'aruku mau konser! sayangnya di cina... apparently udah sempet ada pihak dari indonesia yg coba2 utk nge-lobi2, mo bawa mereka ke sini. tapiii.. request dari pihak mereka ternyata cukup banyak, termasuk minta area manggungnya berupa dome dengan kapasitas 50,000 orang. bleh. mana ada kita tempat dengan kapasitas segitu di sini. susah deh superstar.. pupus harapan mo liat l'aruku di sini.

tapi ya gosip2nya, kalopun mereka bisa dibawa manggung di sini, tiketnya di atas Rp 500,000 even buat yg festival. yah gitu caranya mah.. tetep aja ga bisa nonton. bisa digoreng emak gueeee..

2. "The Da Vinci Code" is coming to the movies! tom hanks yang direncanain utk meranin the famous Mr. Robert Langdon. full story-nya:

Nov. 22 issue - One of the virtues of "The Da Vinci Code," author Dan Brown's gajillion-selling thriller about a Harvard symbologist in hot pursuit of the Holy Grail, is its breathlessness. The novel unfolds over the course of 12 hours, and that's about how long it takes to read. It's fitting, then, that the man spearheading the movie version, producer Brian Grazer, first got wind of the book from the creator of his company's acclaimed TV series "24"—itself an adrenaline rush of real-time pulp fiction. Early in 2003, Joel Surnow read the book, which was popular but not yet a worldwide phenomenon, and thought it would make a terrific story line for "24's" third season. So he asked his boss to look into acquiring the rights. "It quickly became clear that we had no chance," Grazer says. Brown had no intention of handing over his book to a mere TV show. Wise move. A few months later Sony paid $6 million for the movie rights—and hired Grazer to produce it. One of Hollywood's shrewdest operators, Grazer, 53, had started out trolling for TV material and ended up piloting the biggest film adaptation since "Harry Potter."

Now, NEWSWEEK has learned, Grazer and director Ron Howard, the Oscar-winning duo behind "A Beautiful Mind," have settled on an actor to play "The Da Vinci Code's" lead role of globe-trotting scholar Robert Langdon. Perhaps you've heard of him: Tom Hanks. Grazer and Howard helped make Hanks a star with their 1984 comedy "Splash"; they rehired him 11 years later for "Apollo 13," which earned the filmmakers their first best-picture nomination. But Howard insists that friendship alone doesn't explain Hanks's casting. Much of the action in "The Da Vinci Code" is cerebral—solving riddles, cracking codes. At one point, there's even a heart-stopping Boolean keyword search at a London library. "Tom is an exciting actor to watch thinking," Howard says. "We probably don't need his status from a box-office standpoint"—by now, "The Da Vinci Code" sells itself—"but he gives Langdon instant legitimacy."

At the moment, Grazer and Howard are finishing next summer's "The Cinderella Man," a Russell Crowe boxing drama, so they're taking their time casting "Da Vinci." But they've settled on a guiding principle that's sure to please fans: they plan to hire—get this—actual foreign actors to play the book's foreign characters. "If there's any book that's supposed to be an international thriller," says Grazer, "this is it." One recent Oscar winner, he says, inquired about the role of Parisian cryptologist Sophie Neveu, "and she could easily do it. But I think the audience would be let down a bit. They expect a French girl." Internet fans will be happy to hear that Jean Reno, their pick to play bullish cop Bezu Fache, is on Grazer's shortlist.

Grazer is a rare breed in Hollywood today: the independent megaproducer. And so far, 2004 has been tough on his peers, such as Scott Rudin, whose films ("The Manchurian Candidate," "Team America") have been terrific but commercial letdowns, and Jerry Bruckheimer, who flopped with "King Arthur." (To be fair, Bruckheimer may well rebound with "National Treasure," a family thriller that plays like a descendant of ... "The Da Vinci Code.") Meanwhile, Grazer and his team at Imagine Entertainment have been sipping champagne. Their sitcom "Arrested Development" won a surprise Emmy for best comedy series, and "Friday Night Lights," a football saga 14 years in the making, has already entered the sports-movie pantheon. "That movie is a real tribute to Brian's stamina," says Howard. "He could've made it at least twice before, and producers are trained to see a green light and go for it. But each time, he felt he wasn't going to get the movie that the book deserved."

The best thing about "Friday Night Lights" is the honesty of its ending, which, without giving too much away, ain't happy. As a film producer, Grazer has come to embrace the ugliness of authenticity. "When I did '8 Mile,' Dr. Dre gave me some advice. He said, 'Just don't clown out our world.' And of course, I said, 'What does that mean?'" Grazer laughs. "He said, 'Don't be corny.' For me, the worst failure is a movie that's too soft. You have to have edge." Imagine's future slate of movies includes an animated "Curious George" film with Will Ferrell and "Fun With Dick and Jane" starring Jim Carrey. Not too edgy. But the project Grazer is most keen on is a documentary about the notorious skinflick "Deep Throat." "It was the most profitable movie ever made, and also the most litigious," he says. Due out in February, the documentary may be the first NC-17 movie released by a major studio in years. "I can't wait to see how people react to it," Grazer says. If they hate it? Well, it's nice to have Tom Hanks and "The Da Vinci Code" to fall back on.

---David Gordon / NEWSWEEK

yeayyyyyyyyy! asik asiiik... gue nantikan tu film!

3. gue tau gue basi banget sih, tapi cintapuccino kereeeeen!! so real! nyata banget, dg penuturan bahasa yang emang gaya anak2 sekarang banget. a bit of indonesian and another bit of english. ya liat aja blog gue, blog andin, blog adhit, dan ntah blog2 siapa lagi ya emang udah jadi kebiasaan kayaknya sekarang tu kalo ngomong campur2 ga keruan hehe. but seriously, it's a really nice one. dg karakter Raka yang sedikit banyak aga2 ngingetin ama diri gue sendiri. although ya moga2 gue ga ended up jadi sebego dia though. truly reccomended!

ada yg udah baca "Re:"? bisa kasi tau gue itu bagus ato ngga? been thinking to buy it, tapi takutnya jelek..

4. adhit's second book is coming really soon! ninit's first book "kok putusin gue?" is coming as well! wooohoooo! tak sabar menanti. dah sempet baca beberapa potongan cerita yg ninit buat, dan so far it's been great. aga2 mirip sama gaya penuturan adhit meskipun dg kadar humor yg berbeda. for you out there yg ga tau, adhit ini the writer of best-selling novel "Jomblo", sementara ninit ini istrinya yang apparently seorang penulis juga. congratulations to you both! :)

5. coming soon.... Japan Rock Show vers. 01! di Hotel Menteng tanggal 5 Desember 2004. bagi penggemar j-rock dimohon kedatangannyaaa hehe tinggal gue yg pusing mo pake baju apa. hadohhh.. mesti deh, problem tiap mo manggung. :(

speaking of which..
manggung terakhir jetto berakhir cukup buruk. tanggal 21 november kemaren di acara domination-nya anak2 Don Bosco di plaza barat senayan. penontonnya ga gitu rame, terutama karena baru ujan deres, terus sound-nya amat sangat ga beres, ga stabil jadi malah suka ilang2 gitu, guenya masih flu berat jadi selama manggung pake acara hik-srot-hik-srot. BAH. latian padahal udah bagus banget, saya kecewa...

dan tentang pacar
yang ternyata udah jadi pembicaraan seru pas lebaran kemaren. susahnya keluarga bambang utoyo ya begini ini nih, cucunya sebaya semua. ada 3 generasi: generasi 20-an which consists of gue, wina, lei, dhanis, dana, adhit, coki, chaki, dan ciko. generasi ABG which consists of well... basically cuma adek gue dan addina. dan generasi the little ones, consisting nauli, manda, agung, adek aga. pas lebaran kemaren, yg dominan itu tentu saja generasi 20-an, jadilah pembicaraan dan gosip2 pun dengan seru beredar. lei ama coki lagi jomblo seperti biasa, jadi ga ada cerita beredar. dhanis udah putus ama sagita dan blum berniat mencari lagi, jadi no stories from him. wina udah memasuki taun ke-6 (or was it the 7th?) bersama irwan, jadi udah cerita lama banget, emang tinggal nunggu undangan aja kayaknya. chaki, ciko, dana, adhit semuanya lagi di singapore. so who's being left out? me. dengan pacar yg baru berumur 2 bulan relationship, jadi masih dianggap cerita fresh banget, dan ditambah dengan faktor sebagian besar udah sempet liat tampang dia pas kita jalan pertama kali dulu itu, dan dengan adanya fakta kalo keluarga dia ternyata kenal keluarga gue, ya.... seru deh. *geleng2*

asli, sekali2nya nih gue ngalamin punya pacar ampe bikin keluarga besar jadi seru ngomongin semua gini. faktor paling utama adalah karena apparently nyokapnya andin adalah sahabat baek tante tini, adek bokap gue. sahabat baek yang sampe titik, as i quote from my dad, "udah dianggep anak sama eyang lho, ndar! kayak anggia sama kamu gitu deketnya." (anggia itu sahabat tercinta gue yg udah being friends with me for the past 20 years). nahhhhhh.... ya... gitu deh. ampe ga tau mo ngomong apa. XP

aaaaaaaahhh! dah jam 1 lewat. musti masuk kelas dulu, sambung lagi nanti. ciao!
Saturday, November 20, 2004
untuk sekarang ini...

mohon maaf lahir batin..
maafin semua salah2 gue yah..

a long posting is coming up, my way of repaying this long absence of mine. definitely not now though, soalnya connection lagi jeprut. ini post bisa masuk aja udah syukur alhamdulillah banget deh.
Sunday, November 07, 2004
current song: Harold Faltermeyer & Steve Stevens - Top Gun Anthem

gila ni lagu keren banget! denger pas cooling down abis BodyCombat kemaren, asliiiii.. enaaaak banget. the kind of rock yg gue suka banget, kuat banget di distorsi gitar dan kedengeran 'penuh' banget sama orkestranya, wuuuuhh... dg basinya gue jg akhirnya baru mulai dengerin Dream Theater, dan baru mulai suka *malu* khas banget ternyata tipe rock yg gue suka. either Dream Theater, X Japan, Queen, ama Metallica (particularly album... lupa, pokonya yg isinya live kolaborasi mereka sama Philarmonic Orchestra ato apaaa gitu). Siam Shade suka particularly lagu Salomon's Seal. dan semua setipe, mesti yg megah banget orchestra-nya..

udah ah, obrolan tak penting..

badan remuk redam >_<
anywaaaay, badan gue lagi sakit semua. kelamaan ga fitness, kemaren langsung ngehajar 1 jam Body Combat yg dilanjutkan dengan 1 jam workout. fokus di upper-body, dan hasilnyaa... sekarang punggung gue sakit banget, lengan gue apalagi (kemaren kayaknya kelewat seru di shoulder press ama biceps curl), paha pegel setengah mati, hadoohh. and btw gue masih terpana ama instrukturnya, gile.. 1 jam gue body combat, itu bener2 basah keringet. sampe pas cooling down pun keringet masih netes mulu, dan itu instruktur kering kerontang. gilaaa! pas gue tanya kok bisa gitu, dia bilang soalnya dia puasa (GILAAAA!), dan menurut dia intake air jadi dikit, jadi keluarnya juga dikit (dlm bentuk keringat, maksudnya). sumpa lu? gue baru tau teorinya bisa gitu.

future ahead!
then lately been thinking about my future. beuh..makin stress kalo inget KP taun depan. KP taun depan, the year after insya Allah lulus dan kerja. let's say 2 - 3 taun, then kalo masih butuh S2, i'd have to get one. abis itu baru pulang, kerja di sini. itu kalo diperhatikan yaa.. continuous! waaaaaaa!! sutrisna bener2 dah! tadi abis ngebahas ama anggia. kalo gue jadi KP di luar lagi taun depan (which masih butuh perjuangan, lagi khawatir banget kalo laporannya ditolak pak wahyu, tinggal nangis dah gua.. masa' telat lulus pantaran KP..), anggia mo ikut sekitar 1 bulan, dia mo nyari courses di sana. extremely excited sih with the idea. gemana ngga? me and that soulmate of mine, finally bener2 tinggal di luar (biarpun cuma itungan bulan huehehehe) bedua doang. wuaaa.. dreams come true.

mimpi gue tinggal di new york... suka wondering, bakal kesampaian kah? terus kalo mo S2 mo bidang apa yah? makin ke sini, makin kepengen IT Auditing. the idea of doing auditing dan at the same time ga ngebuang degree S1 gue itu jadi sangat appealing. duh duh.. too many things to think about! blon kalo ntar nyokap udah mulai ribut2 masalah kapan gue nikah, hadohhh.. makin pusing.

and finally... a date!
...setelah 2 bulan. dasar fasilkom semprul, bikin mahasiswa2nya mo pacaran normal jadi susah banget. syeneeeeng.. akhirnya kesampean juga. meskipun diakhiri dg banyak insiden, seperti ketemu tante tari, tante pupu, oom paul, tante tini, oom timmy, bagus sekaliii.. kenapa jugaaaa keluarga besar gue musti milih pergi ke tempat yg sama di hari yg sama ketika gue having a date! dan bener aja, tadi pas bokap ke rumah eyang gue, mulai lah pertanyaan2 "kemaren saya jingo' ndari samo budak lanang. sapo itu? (terjemahan: kemarin saya lihat ndari sama cowok, siapa tu?)". blehhhh... mulai deh pembahasan2 seru terjadi. ah ga tau ahhhh..

makan dulu ah, itadakimaaaasu!
Tuesday, November 02, 2004
dan akhirnya uts anum pun kulewati..
dengan penuh kemewekan, kemarahan, kekecewaan, dan ke-ee'-an.

DASAR BLE'EEEEEEEEEE!!! TOKAI NGEHE! asli dahhhhhh... soal apaan tuh?! gila, ga ada sama2nya ama taun lalu, susah banget. begitu buka soal, pelan2 baca, merasa2 kayaknya bisa nih dikerjain.. tapi begitu mulai nulis poin2 diketahui, gue pun terdiam, berpikir, lalu memutuskan "coba nomor 2 dulu deh.". liat nomor 2, nulis poin2 diketahui, terdiam, berpikir, lalu memutuskan "coba nomor 3 dulu aja kali yah..". then liat nomor 3, nulis poin2 diketahui, terdiam, berpikir, dan mulai desperate. "gemana kalo nomor 4 dulu aja yang dikerjain." mulai lagi liat nomor 4, nulis poin2 diketahui sambil liat2 notes berharap ada sesuatu yg bisa membantu, utk kemudian berpikir, "gemana kalo..... AAAAAAARRGHHHH! INI UDAH SOAL TERAKHIR!!?!"

dan sia2lah saya belajar 2 hari sebelumnya. sabtu kalo tau bakal gini mending ke citapen deh. minggu jg ngapain ngoyo2 mahamin segala metode2, pengertian, etc. kalo ternyata soalnya kayak begono! E-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'! huu..huu... ternyata bener kata anak2 2001... bahwa yang mengerti ANum cuma 3: Charles, Pak Chan, dan Tuhan.

beberapa temen2 dah mulai berpikiran utk nge-drop. tapi mengingat kuya ama amir yang dapet nilai 6 - 6 aja bisa ended up dapet A, kayaknya masih ada harapan d. i'll fight for a C then. XP

dan terkutuklah ANum!!!

i need a break
from my routines, my activities, my works, assignments, & projects. simply one of those times ketika gue lagi pengen enjoy hidup dengan santai aja. not that getting all busy bikin gue ga enjoy, cause don't take it wrong, me being hectic is my way to enjoy life. *grin* but really, pengen ngambil istirahat seminggu dua minggu, isinya cuma istirahat, keluyuran trying new places to eat, spend time sama bestfriends utk bergosip - slumber parties & sleep overs, have dates ama pacar yg konon udah ampir 2 bulan pacaran masih blon pernah date 1x pun gara2 sama2 ga ada waktu (man, we're pathetic..), ke plaza indonesia utk window-shopping sambil berangan-angan jadi jutawan jadi bisa shopping seenak jidat, watch movies ama adek gue & sepupu2 yg masih kecil2 itu, hangin' out with jetto, maen2 ke rumah raya, kumpul2 sama animanga family, dan yg terpenting: ga mikirin kampus sama sekali! wuahhhhhhhh... i'd definitely enjoy life that way.
meskipun gue yakin dalam tenggat waktu beberapa hari aja pasti gue dah mulai stress karena kelewat nganggur & mulai cari kerjaan lagi. heheh.

ngantuk banget.. padahal masih ada kuliah TBA dan UTS manpro, hu-uh.. pengen tidur.

duh lagi mellow. kangen pacar.
ever been in a situation when you've decided something, yet you just need someone else to affirm your decision. yet however, whatever he/she says, it won't give any effect to your decision as you've made up your mind anyway. you just need someone else to tell you something.

oh man, what am i saying..


i'm a freak-magnet, really i am. some current things that have been happening reconfirm that part of me. many thanks to kyubi yang dulu came up with that idea. bah.


duh jarak postingan makin jauh. postingan juga makin pendek. payah. dan kenapa pula shoutbox ga bisa di-reply. hu-uh... terus budak pantai mo concert!!! wuaaaa... wish i'm in singapore.


abis nonton the Terminal. pengen ke new yoooooooooorkkkkk.. HUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...


sayang pacar.


eneg ama ujian. eneg ama tugas2. eneg ama kampus.


kuliah dulu ah..

current tune


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