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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
this is not my favorite template
but heck, it's free, and i really need a template change. bosen ama yang lama, tapi gak punya waktu bikin yang baru. so on the mean time, i'll settle with this.

current playlist:
1. Magic Carpet Ride - Fourplay
2. The Closer I Get to You - Fourplay
3. Back for Good - Take That
4. Something's Wrong - Bali Lounge
5. Well, Did You Evah - Robbie Williams
6. Betcha by Golly, Wow - Leah Labelle
7. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
8. Sempurna - Andra and the Backbone
9. Neither One of Us - Jeniffer Hudson
10. A Song for You - Elliot Yamin
11. Mr. Bojangles - Robbie Williams
12. Same Girl - R. Kelly feat. Usher
13. Home - Chris Daughtry
14. Please Baby Don't - Sergio Mendez feat. John Legend
15. Quando Quando Quando - Michael Buble feat. Nelly Furtado
16. There's No Me Without You - Toni Braxton
17. Biggest Part of Me - Take 6
18. Got To Be There - Michael Jackson
19. Me & Mrs. Jones - George Huff
20. Movin' On - Elliot Yamin
21. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
22. Peaceful Hideway - Kirk Whallum
23. Till You Do Me Right - After 7 & Babyface
24. Since I Fell for You - Al Jarreau
25. Someone to Love - Fourplay
Wednesday, July 25, 2007
and finally an update!
the job
some friends used to ask about my job position. what does "Account Executive" means? truly i have no idea what does that suppose to mean. all i know is that not only do i cover the sales executive's job, i also do a lot of documenting and some accounting for my company. in which then one of my friends told me that /that/ position is "Account Executive".

the secretarial job can be quite a pain in the ass, especially getting near to the end of the month. but nothing beats the "handling client" part. for quite a few times, i'd have to deal with impossible clients. there's one who refuses to sign the contract before we start the project, two who can say "i don't like the design" without giving us /any/ clue of "why" or "which part of it does he/she doesn't like" and forces us to make more designs to receive another "i don't like it." or a surprising "this one's good." (it really felt like playing guessing games). then there's another one who simply asks for some better alternatives, and yet when we gave one, she'd pick the previous uglier one.

sometimes i just don't get my client's taste.

these types are the ones that are SO hard to please. the ones that are too depressing for me because i believe that being a sales executive forces me to be able to keep smiling no matter what, keeping the tone down (although what i usually do is to keep on giving the cheerful tone and laughing to cover my frustration), and stay away from any possible conflicts. i mean, having a project being cut somewhere in the middle is already awful, but to have a quarrel before ending a project is far far worse. not to mention the bad credibility we might get.

and really, that's hard! for a person as extrovert as i am, i tend to express what i feel bluntly. but on these particular cases, God how i really wish i can find someone to kill.

being in this job successfully making me amazed on insurance and credit card sales executives. i can't imagine how'd they feel to have numerous people keep on turning their offer down (i for one, is an example). some people i know, turned the offers down harshly. and they're used to get those kind of responses. well i'm amazed. how can they not feel depressed having those situations coming over and over again? or do they actually feel depressed at times, i wonder?

bistro delifrance
currently is my favorite hangout spot at PIM. i drop by like 4 times/week, enough to get a free membership card hahah. i think their coffee is pretty good for the price (compared to the expensive Starbuck's black coffee which tasted like coffee-flavored black water), and the foods are great! i'm particularly keen on their Caesar Salad and their bread pudding (superb!).

so what have i been doing?
i just finished my 12 sessions personal training. it proved to be worth the money as not only me, but even my friends tell me that now i have a better figure (i'm not saying anything about skinny, because i know that i'd never be skinny :P). those were 12 painful torturing sessions. there would be days when i woke up in the morning and not being able to reach the bathroom because all of my body's aching. then there would be a lot of days when i can't climb /any/ stair. this was a major problem, since my room is located on the second story. so there were times when i just had to stop after every 4-5 steps, and spent 5 minutes to get to my room from downstairs.

but now it's worth it. my eating portion is FAR FAR smaller, that sometimes even makes me feeling stunned. well imagine feeling extremely hungry, then feeling TOTALLY full only after the fourth scoop of Caesar Salad. as my friend used to say, "itu mah bikin jigong doang!!" *lol* but really, that's how things are now. it's not like i'm forcing myself to stop eating, but it just so happens that i feel full quickly. kalo gue sih nyebutnya "laper ayam". sama kayak "tidur ayam" yang tidur tapi gak tidur, nah ini laper tapi gak beneran laper. :P

Body Combat has been fun!! i finally know which instructors can give good 1-hour classes. it's easy to tell the difference: when you're exhausted just on the third track, then your instructor's not doing a good job. because you're supposed to have enough energy to go through the whole hour. i had fun last week doing jabs and kicks over "YMCA". you see, during the chorus, all of us were doing a lot of kicking here and there, jabs here and there. but then, entering the Reff. we'd start making the YMCA alphabets (you know, the infamous YMCA gestures), to have it being continued by more jabs hooks and kicks. *rotfl* i couldn't stop laughing during the class. it's supposed to be this high impact and dangerous movements, yet we were doing YMCA. it was soooo stupid!

some people stopped doing anything doing the Reff., feeling embarrassed, i assume. but not me! i had a lot fun! enough fun to leave a bunch of bruises on my thighs hahahahaha

other than that, i've been spending a lot of evenings meeting old friends. i remember talking to my friends, saying that 4 years ago, we were asking things like: "so where are you applying to?" and "have you taken IELTS/TOEFL?". then 2 years after that, we started asking, "who's your girl now?" or "how's college life?". i was betting that within the next 2 years, we'd start asking about marriage.

well we sure did. and most answers i'm getting were pretty much similar:
"i caught R telling your girl that you're planning to get married next year!"
"(swears)! why would he say something like that?? i was thinking of settling down maybe around 27."

"now that you have a much older guy, does that means you're getting married anytime soon?"
"are you nuts?! i still wanna go travel, enroll for my postgrad program, by the time i'm 28, maybe i'll get married."

"you've been dating for 4 years. what's next?"
"marriage, you mean? of course not! i'll get married after i get my master's degree. maybe around 26-27."

and i thought this "getting married young" is a new trend. :P

it's either that topic, or we'd discuss on how frightening "the real life" can be. anin reminded me how predictable life used to be: we go to primary school, then secondary school, then highschool, then we go to college. and then there comes the jungle: life. the more i think about it, the more i realize how frightening this whole thing can be. i just never know what's gonna come next! i used to have this BIG plan on what i wanna do, but i'm so far from it now. and at times i'd stop and worry whether i've made the wrong choices.

of course in the end i'd keep my faith that all i'm doing now is grabbing all the chances i see in front of me. i have nothing to lose for now. i'm still young (and yes, bim, gue blon jadi nenek2 dan gue blon keriputan/tua/peyot/ato apa lah!), i just started my journey, and i truly believe that one day i'd look back and i'd be proud to tell myself that i've regretted nothing.

life /is/ fun. it's unpredictable, but that's what makes life so interesting. you just never know what kind of ride might come next. and yet you'll jump on it anyway and either you have fun with it, or you don't. well life's too short, so i choose to have fun with it. *grin*

book recommendations
i'm running out of books to read. hence for the past few weeks, i've been reading some books i've read before. it's not that fun though, because i tend to read faster if i've read the book before. within a week i finished Sidney Sheldon's Tell Me Your Dreams, Star Shines Down, Best Laid Plans, and Bloodline. so now i'm asking if there's any of you who has a recommendation of a good book to read?

as for now, "Bertanya atau Mati!" stays in my toilet book-rack. i read it over and over, and still find it very witty and amusing no matter how many times i've read it. one of my favorite paragraphs:

"....Ambil analogi lempar lembing. Dalam Olimpiade setiap hari, kita sendiri tidak mengerti kenapa kita harus melontarkan lembing dari genggaman jika kita harus mengukur jauhnya, memungutnya, dan melemparnya lagi. Yang kita tahu hanyalah bahwa sejumlah angka akan muncul di layar besar lapangan, menunjukkan sejauh mana kita melempar dibandingkan dengan orang lain. Dan itu menjadi alasan utama bagi kita untuk menepuk dada. Atau menunduk malu.

Mengapa kita mau saja? Kitalah yang seharusnya memilih sendiri apakah kita harus bangga atau malu dengan keadaan kita. Bukan dari hasil membandingkan dengan orang lain. Dan bukan karena paksaan standar sosial. Bukan karena kita saling membandingkan apa yang kita anggap prestasi.

Saya suka tidur. Tapi apa kita pernah membandingkan berapa lama kita tidur? Oh, tidak. Sebaliknya di dunia kerja, kita malah membandingkan berapa lama kita tidak tidur.

Dunia kita ini lucu. Ada yang ingin tahu perbandingan prestasinya dengan manusia sejagat raya? Silakan bandingkan selagi saya tidur.

---Bertanya Atau Mati! page 69-70, chapter "Olimpiade Setiap Hari', by isman h. sunaryaman.

man, kalo aku gak boleh quote segitu banyak karena melanggar copyright, bilang yah.. ntar aku apus. :)

so there ya go! quite some writing, eh? i do wish that one day people would come up with a gadget that can record things that are going on in your mind. because sometimes i'd have ideas about what i'm going to write on my blog, just on the wrong times: when i'm about to take a shower, when i'm stuck on a traffic jam, when i'm smoking in the toilet, or any other times when i just don't have my laptop with me (and i sure as hell am not going back to normal diaries when i'm suppose to write using a pen, it's too tiring). pretty sure i'd update this blog more often heheh *biasaaaa... cari alesaaaannn....*

to my darlings abroad,
pulaaaaaaang! because my God, we have so many things to catch up! and because i miss you all very-very much! *cup cup*
Friday, July 20, 2007
raden is poisonous
ngeracunin gue jadi tergila2 sama ini lagu:

Andra & The Backbone

Kau begitu sempurna
Dimataku kau begitu indah
kau membuat diriku akan slalu memujimu

Disetiap langkahku
Kukan slalu memikirkan dirimu
Tak bisa kubayangkan hidupku tanpa cintamu

Janganlah kau tinggalkan diriku
Takkan mampu menghadapi semua
Hanya bersamamu ku akan bisa

Kau adalah darahku
Kau adalah jantungku
Kau adalah hidupku
Lengkapi diriku
Oh sayangku, kau begitu
Sempurna.. Sempurna..

Kau genggam tanganku
Saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh
Kau bisikkan kata dan hapus semua sesalku

Back to *

although this doesn't make sense at all. nobody's perfect. *grin*
Monday, July 09, 2007
depression mode-on
PMS time of the month. hate it. hate it. hate it.

X Japan

kako to mirai no hazama de
kawaranai omoi
kirei na uso ni kaete mo...ALL ALONE

hateshinai yosora ni nagareru
namida wo dakishimete... mo ichido
kokoro wo nurasu kanashimi wa
kazoe kirenai hoshi ni narukedo

mayoi no naka de hirogeta
kodoku no tsubasa namida no umi wo koetara

katachi no nai yume demo ii
ashita no kaze ni kazashite

nagareru toki no naka de
taenai kizu dakishime
setsunasa no kaze ni mau

aoi yoru wo dakishimete
ashita wo toi kakeru
mujun darake no kokoro ni... DEAD OR LIVE

eien ni ichibyo ni nagareru
namida wo kazaranai de...mo nido to
dare mo ga motsu kokoro no kizuato ni
nagareru ame wa...

TIME AFTER TIME yoru no sora ni
umareta imi toi kakeru
taenai namida no kawa
gin'iro ni kagayaku made

tsumetai kaze ni fukarete
tobidatenai tori tachi ga
sorezore no yume dakishime
yoake no sora wo...



nagareru toki wo tomete
nagashita namida no ato
genso no hana ga saku

Do nothing but cry
Day and night
In a narrow space between past and future
Your memories will stay unchanged
Even if you turn them into beautiful lies... you're all alone

Your tears flow
Into an unlimited nocturnal sky...
Once more
Oh my Dahlia
Your heart filled with sorrow
Turns into an unfinished number of stars

You don't know where
You're going to
In distress you have deploy your wings of loneliness
Beyond an ocean of tears

You'll see blue sky
Even in a shapeless dream
Refugee on the tomorrow's winds
Flap your wings... now

Time after time
You try to find yourself
In the time which passes
You carry unchanging injuries
Which flutter in winds of oppression

Dream on your left
Dead on your right
Embrace the blue night
Question your tomorrows
In your heart filles with contradiction... dead or alive

In a second long like eternity
Your tears won't flow
Two times
Oh my Dahlia
For whoever has scars in their heart
The rain streams

Time after time
In the nocturnal sky
You question why are you born
Until your endless river of tears
Shines with a brilliant gold color

The icy wind blows
The birds what can't fly
Carry each one of your dreams
Into the daybreak's sky

Life Infinite

Time after time
You cry in reality
The passing time stops
Miracle of sheded tears
The flowers of your illusions will open out

can anyone tell me why God created PMS? what benefit does it has??

current tune


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