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Monday, February 05, 2007
mampang lancaaaaaarrrr.... :D
Sunday, February 04, 2007
i never stopped loving you. and you know that.
Play It by Ear
Monday Michiru

Just like the season changes
life's unwritten pages
You cannot gage the years
Let's play it by ear

Don't let the past decide
what dreams may lie inside us
Seek what the future hides
and keep your heart open wide and rise

Oh, where does the time go
Speeding, yet slow
Can't help but see it's taken its toll

Worked so hard that love's been put on hold
and guard not to sell my soul
But somewhere things went wrong
In this world, we're not meant to be alone

*repeat chorus

How selfish we both are
When feelings are down
can't even gaze up at the stars

Like a child, remembering how to sing
Running wild, impulsive like the wind
and living on the fringe
For a while, let's just see what life brings

*repeat chorus

Look forward to tomorrow
and happiness will follow
With hope, I just wanna live

Compassion lets us swallow
emotions full of sorrow
In life, I just wanna give

Wade past the shallow waters
and trust yourself to go deeper
Your soul's eyes will let you see

Let's climb those hills together
and reach to get even higher
With you, I want to be free

So don't be afraid
Throw cautions away and be

Like a child, remembering how to sing
Running wild, impulsive like the wind
and living on the fringe
For a while, let's just see what life brings

*repeat chorus

i luv you.

and now we choose to take our chances and gamble with the future. with all its uncertainities.

i still keep my faith.
Thursday, February 01, 2007
i'll take my words back.
life isn't always fabulous.
especialy when you're having a freakin' PMS!!!!! aaarrrghhhh!!! pengen banget rasanya bunuh orang sekarang, kalo gak pake garpu tanah pengen garuk2 muka orang!!!

ah iya, tadi sempet menjadi diskusi di antara gue dan feha. dan berhubung feha tidak tahu jawabannya, gue tanya di sini deh. kali2 ada yg mo jawab:

cowo Indo yg non-Muslim tu pada disunat gak?
and i'm still insisting on coloring my hair violet. just haven't got enough cash yet. wait and see. nyeheh.
yes i keep your messages, fa.
"Life doesn't wait for you in bus stops dear-it goes and leave you crying there-but we can control ourselves to make sure we're on time for the next bus to come along :)"

"Your fabulousness will translate-remember darling, we are couture-not some Mangga Dua knockoffs! Haute Couture!"

darling, those messages are SO you. gay and fabulous. i luv you very much! thank you for always being there for me. dan itu blog kamu coba di-update yahhh... ampe isinya udah spam semua gitu. surprise me when you've arrived here. :)

so yes, i haven't been around my blog for quite a while. life's been hectic like always, not much to tell. although lately i managed to have more meet-ups and contacts with my ol' besties. namely achiet, who has been with me in a string of coffee meet-ups (and ciggies, for me) lately to tell her story about this freak who drowned her into a lot of mess. keep me updated, girl. i wanna know what he says this time. if he's going to say "you took my signals wrong. i never 'like'' you in that way", i'll shoot him on the head myself. then lany, who's been pretty much in touch since she had some dilemmas with some job-offerings she got. anggiya, who never failed to kiss-and-tell about "everything" that have been going with her life (and yes, i mean "everything", hahahaha). and of course my twin, rully, who's about to be away for a while and yet managed to go shopping with me every so often *grin*

life's been good, i think. sure there are problems, but what's life without problems, i suppose.

i do get numerous sms-es from some bastard i don't know. giving me all these mushy poems and "i love you"s, and never his name. well FYI, i do NOT and i NEVER like mushy poems. i do know that some girls love it when their boyfriends write them a song, i'm not that type. i'm not even big on flowers and chocolates. i hate those "routine sms"-es saying "udah makan belum? udah mandi blum? udah minum obat belum? jangan nggak ya, nanti kamu sakiiitt.." HECK. if i'm hungry, i'll eat. if i feel sick, i'd get myself some aspirin and water. i take a shower twice a day, sometimes three times. i deal with my own schedule, and i don't need someone to tell me to do those routine. i even broke up with a guy within 4 days after he started to send me those kinds of messages (remember mr. narcistic?). so don't blame me if i don't get touchy feely reading your sms-es, SIR! >_< i do hope he reads this. *stares*

got a prospectus from Cornell University, but hate the environment. seen it from the pictures, full of trees and parks. whlist i'm looking for some buildings and traffic jams hahah

a certain friend's (*wink wink*) wedding plan is freaking me out. i enjoy helping that couple to plan things. but everytime i do that, i can't help but feeling "oh my God, is the clock also ticking for me?". i get freak out on marriage thoughts as i don't believe in the institution. i'm afraid of two things: a guy's tendency to cheat as if it's a built-in, and the possibility of getting bored after years of marriage. watching alot of Ally McBeal and Sex & The City contributed a lot in these thoughts as well. jadi inget:

Samantha: Most couples stop having sex after they're married.
Miranda: But you have sex with a lot of married guys?
Samantha: That's how I know.


work's been great. after the usual pattern of odd months with few projects, we're entering the even month, with a handful of projects. alhamdulillah. i love it when projects are coming. it means more money (and a little more shopping *grin*) and more hectic schedule. oh and speaking of which, this morning i woke up at 6, getting ready for a meeting at Kuningan at 8. all the way to Kuningan, I kept on fretting on the notion of waking early to work. the meeting was cancelled in the end to my own stupidity as I misread the email about the change of schedule. but however, that was when i realize that this kind of schedule is the kind i'd be facing if i had work in a "normal" office (not saying that we're abnormal, we're just into ROWE == Result Oriented Work Environment). i usually wake up 9 AM, have meetings till 5 PM, coffees/American Idol/sitcom until 10 PM, then paperworks until 2 or 3 AM. my biological clock is shifting. but yes, i love my life at the moment.

life's fabulous. or maybe i'm just trying to convince myself.

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