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Friday, October 27, 2006
1. HP gak bisa dipake
2. gak ada internet cafe dalam jarak di bawah 2 km dari tempat gue tinggal
3. gak ada hotspot dalam jarak di bawah 2 km dari tempat gue tinggal
4. gak ada kabel ethernet di rumah
5. gak ada makanan di rumah. alhasil jauh2 ke jepang, makannya rendang ama paru hahahaha
6. kangen pacar. bah.
Thursday, October 26, 2006
taking off to tokyo
the chair in the business class is the kind of chair i'd really like to have in my room. senderan kaki dinaikin, senderan punggung diturunin, taro' bantal di belakang kepala, pasang walkman, taro' selimut di atas paha, keluarin meja dari senderan tangan dan taro' laptop di atas, mulai nge-blog.

np: Speed - ALIVE

so here i am, flight GA880 on my way to tokyo. this would be my second visit to japan, first visit to its capital city. i had my first visit to japan 6 years ago. however i only made it to fukuoka and kyoto. you have no clue how excited i am with this trip. after new york, tokyo would be my second "obsession city". i've always wanted to go to tokyo, especially after having imagination of how harajuku or shibuya would look like through the manga i've been reading and anime & j-dorama i've been watching.

oh, and yes, this is the first time in my life to be seated in the business class. my family got upgraded from the economy class, yatta! :)

i'm currently sitting beside my aunt who has been complaining about the amount of yuri-hentai inside a fashion magazine she's been reading hahaha far left my small cousin's sleeping while her sister's making drawings in her sketch book. other people around me would be japanese sleeping on their "couch" (how i love these chairs). it's 3 AM in tokyo, 12 AM in jakarta, which explains why i'm not sleepy yet. that, and maybe because of the second cup of coffee i'm currently having this evening.

ooh ooh this plane's serving sushi for dinner, how cool is that! (iya, emang gue agak udik, biasa juga di pesawat ditawarinnya tuh: "mau mie goreng atau omelette, mbak?" so sushi for plane dinner is quite fancy for me heheh)

i'll give more stories about the vacation tomorrow perhaps. that's enough story to tell about the plane hahah

np: Malice Mizer - Le Ciel

so where have i been for the past month? pretty much at home, or somewhere in the middle of the sin-city meeting clients. work's doing good, we have quite a lot of projects this month. the money i got this month has broken my record as the highest income i've got so far i've been working in this company. alhamdulillahh..

however, i finally figured my biggest problem: i'm the biggest loser on saving money. within 3 weeks, i've spent about three fourth of my income on things i don't even remember buying. clothes, perhaps. shoes, perhaps. DVDs, perhaps. dinners & lunch, perhaps. make-ups, perhaps. i really have no clue. i can only remember that when i was going to exchange some money into Yen this morning, all i could say was, "Where did all my money go???". i've tried separating my savings account and my expenses account. i ended up using the debit card on my savings account, so this method is not working at all. i've thought of signing up to Niaga Mapan program, yet i don't have a steady income so /that/ would be another problem. now, can anyone give me suggestions on this problem?

np: Tohpati & Shakila - Lukisan Pagi

weight's gone steady around 49 - 50 kg, which is a real good news for me. jeans size has dropped from 29 to 27. i even managed to get into size 25 on Lee Cooper jeans, although i'm quite sure their size is just a way to cheer women up *grin* U2 shirt has dropped from size 11 to 7. so far several people has said that i look better a bit more chubby, but you know what.. it's really not about being thin anymore, it's just the satisfaction of finally achieving something that has been an obsession for years. i know within a week of vacation (full of udon & sushi, i suppose), there's a big possibility that i'll gain my weight back. and to me, that's really okay. at least for about a month, i've achieved one of my goals: dropping 4-6 pounds. and this short achievement has made me more than happy. :P

np: X Japan - Tears

okka's my new gym buddy at Celebrity Fitness. i'm hoping that rully would join us soon. ever since she joined, i started to come to the gym about 2-3 times a week, as opposed to the 5 times within the past 5 months when she hasn't joined yet. so yeah, a gym buddy REALLY motivates us to come to the gym. we'd do our own respective activities when we arrive at the gym, but the presence of a gym buddy and the promises made to eachother ("pokoknya elu ntar dateng jam 7 yah. kalo elu gak dateng, gue juga nggak.") have insisted me to come more often to the gym. i need to shed the fat from my arms, thighs, abs, and hips. i want tighter bums, and i want toned muscle on my biceps & triceps.

np: X Japan - Voiceless Screaming

to all friends that have been sending me Lebaran sms-es, i'm so sorry that i didn't reply most of them. it's just that during those 2 days, any sms i sent kept on getting failed from being sent. it kinda pissed me off so i stopped sending replies. so i'd just say it here: Selamat Lebaran yah, teman2ku sayang! Gue yakin gue pernah bikin salah to any of you, jadi mohon kesalahan2 gue dimaafkan. Semoga amal ibadah puasa kita selama 1 bulan Ramadhan diterima Allah SWT dan hari kemenangan ini menyucikan kita serta membawa banyak berkah untuk kita semua. Have a nice vacation!
Friday, October 06, 2006
after 6 years
i've finally reached the lowest weight within the past 6 years... AKHIRNYA KEPALA EMPAAAAAAAAAAAATTTT... KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *air mata lurus sambil mengepalkan tangan menghadap ke langit*

berat gue 49! NYAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! tulang paru2 gue keliataaaannnn.... aduh senengnyaaaaa.... ini bener2 baru namanya berkah puasa. wakakakakakak =D

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