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Sunday, March 30, 2008
Piers, The Celebrity Apprentice!

as much as I wanted Trace to win, i do have to say that business-wise, Donald Trump made the right decision. Piers Morgan is a vicious yet effective businessman. congrats to Piers Morgan, total support to Trace Adkins and FAAN all the way, and KILL OMAROSA!!
Friday, March 28, 2008
i should've changed the title of this blog.
"daily" isn't happening anymore, it's going for "monthly" now *lol*

so yeah i haven't had time nor mood to write again after a while. my energy is pretty much focussed on work at the moment since we have a pile of projects. not that i'm not being grateful, i'm SO grateful as a matter a fact. this is probably the best condition we've had so far, with more than 15 projects at the moment. however, considering that there are only 3 people in the company, you can imagine the workload at the time being. T_T

one more year passes
my birthday's coming in 3 days, i'm reaching 24. it DOES seem like a big number, but i don't feel like it does. you get what i mean? i mean, to me it's just a number. not some sort of a milestone, or THE age when we should reach this goal and that goal. it's just another birthday. reaching 24, i can say is that i'm sincerely happy with my life. i love my job, i'm about to go for my Master's degree, i have SO many bestfriends (which i just realized and felt grateful for), i earn my own money (although it kept on going to the credit card company instead of my savings account), i'm possibly in one of the slimmest shape of my life (considering i used to be 57.. can't believe it when i read that blog-post again), and i enjoy everything. what more can a girl ask for? (diamonds, sports car, apartment, filthy-rich-hemophilic-husband-who-has-written-our-name-in-his-will... :P)

mom bought me a new glasses, after she saw me fretting about my old glasses having so many scratches. the last time i bought a glasses was about mm.. 5 years ago? 4 years ago? and i can't believe how expensive they are now! i remember buying a pair of glasses for approx. Rp 300.000. this time we went to Optik Seis (the only store where i buy my glasses since 14 years ago), tried to find the cheaper series, and got myself a Bebe Black-Tan Eyeliner glasses for Rp 700.000-something. that does NOT include the lenses. altogether it's about Rp 1 million. FOR A PAIR OF GLASSES. thank goodness that it's a birthday present, i could've fainted if i bought in on my own.

dad asked me what i want for my birthday, and i asked for Creative Zen V *grin* FYI i've never had an mp3 player as i always use my Sony Walkman cellphone. there's the Samsung 512 MB mp3 player which belongs to my dad, but after playing 5-6 songs, it just went dead. then there's my sister's iPod Shuffle: right size, cool stuff, yet it shuffles. it's annoying when i want to hear a certain song (i won't be running vigorously if i'm listening to "Rehab by Amy Winehouse", will i?). i need an mp3 player to be used while i'm on treadmill or when i'm weight-training. my cellphone has gone annoying because of its size. i've tried putting into an arm-band, but because of its weight, it kept on slipping down. well that tamagotchi-look alike is just so cute! the price is quite affordable, i luv the shape, and i certainly like the size of it.

several friends have been ranting that i should've asked for an iPod Touch instead, or a Nano, considering it's a birthday gift anyway. thing is, as stupid as this may sound, i don't need them. i don't plan to watch movies on iPod because i think the screen's too small. if it's to kill time, i still have a DS that would be helpful. i don't need Nano because it's a 4 GB mp3 player. first of all, i doubt my mp3 collection reaches that number (thanks to the falling laptop incident, which i'm gonna tell after this). secondly, i won't be listening to 4 GB mp3s at a time anyway.

so there goes my choice.

and yes, the falling laptop incident.
this happened about 3 weeks ago. as i always have, i didn't use a laptop bag. you say why? because laptop bags are UGLY. there's this Aigner bag that sometimes i use to bring my laptop, but that day i was already using a kelly bag for my organizer-PDA-tissues-etc., and it'll look ugly if i bring 2 hand bags (kayak transmigran rasanya..). short story: i didn't use the laptop bag.

i was just finished meeting a client when i had to pee. i went to the toilet only to realize that there was no place to put the laptop. the floor was damp and surely i don't want to have my laptop wet. so as i was peeing, i put my laptop neatly on my thighs and my bag on the floor. the incident happened when i tried to reach the bag to grab tissue and BANG! the laptop slipped to the floor, really hard. obviously i screamed because i was shocked (thank God there was no one in the toilet), and was on the edge of crying when i put it up back again and tried to turn it on.
there was a folder icon with a question mark on the center, flickering.

i rushed to e-Store Ratu Plaza, begging my friend to save my files. he plugged his firewire cable to connect my laptop to his, waited for a while, then looked at me and ask:
"do you see your hard disk detected on my laptop?"
"no." *shooking head*
"let it go then. it can't be saved."

felt like my jaw dropped. you know why? because the last time i backed up my files, idiotically was 2 MONTHS AGO! so there goes all of my work-related files.. *sobbing*

tried to bring it to a data recovery center, they told me that it'd take about 2 weeks to finish. not to mention that they have to open up the HD to fix it. thing is, the only way i can get an HD replacement from Apple is by giving my broken HD "utuh" and about 3 days since i claimed it. hence, no chance of data recovery.

here i am writing with a fresh HD, with Time Machine backing up my files every hour.

prep for my Master's degree
despite warnings from SO many people about how Canberra being known as pretty much a dead city, i'm applying to Australian National University. enough with programming, this time i'm sticking to my passion (something that i should've done 6 years ago): Finance major. chose ANU considering its reputation, and not worrying about Canberra because Fafa is there. Fa, kalo ampe elu ke New York pas gue ke sono, asli ya.. the next time i see you, i'll rip you into pieces!

i'm applying for the First Semester, which should commence around February 2009. i already took an IELTS Preparation Course, got a pretty satisfying prediction score (7.5 -- hopefully i'll do as good or even better on the actual test), and i'm gonna take the real test tomorrow. wish me luck, people!

TV Shows
i'm still waiting for TV series to start running again. Grey's Anatomy should continue running by April, i don't know about House. The Riches has started its second season, so far so good. the first episode is even gloomier than the episodes in the first season. i'm still looking for a place to download America's Best Dance Crew. i've got the second episode, haven't found episode 1, 3, 4, 5, 6. anyone have 'em? The Apprentice is having its season finale this week, let's see who's gonna win. i'm rooting for Trace Adkins! and lastly for American Idol, i'm still rooting for David Cook, he's just SO cool! Michael Johns' doing great this week, finally. yet i still miss Danny "Someone Weren't Likin' It" Noriega. awww... he's so fun and exciting to watch! i saw several of his interviews and simply cannot take my eyes off him. i'm claming myself as a Danimal! *grin*

keeping the shape
after 1.5 month IELTS Prep course, i finally had time to go to the gym again. i spent that 1.5 month donating to the gym as i never went there. i took Body Combat class early this week, and i don't like Track 35! *groan* it's boring, more capoeira in this track (which is uninteresting for me), and less moving. it doesn't give me the same satisfaction as the previous tracks, you know.. the feeling of giving all of your energy out and feeling like dying when the class ends.

so i guess, that's the update for now. let's just hope i'll have the mood to write again next week. or the week after. or the week after that. :D
Thursday, March 13, 2008
i'm rooting for this guy from now on.
some have said that he's this year's Daughtry, some believe that he's this year's dark horse, well as for me.. after last night's performance, i am SO rooting for this guy!!

my review for last night:

1. Syesha - Got To Get You Into My Life -- good vocals, uninteresting performance. this is more like the Earth Wind Fire version instead of the original. nothing wrong about that though.

2. Chikezie - She's A Woman -- a bit weird rendition of the song, but his performance was good!

3. Ramiele - In My Life -- i'm starting to think that she deserves that nick: Ramiele Lullaby. boooriing..

4. Carly - Come Together -- my favorite female finalist this year, she can definitely sing!

5. Jason - If I Fell -- as much as a lot of people thinks that his performance was sexy, i thought it was dead boring. plus i hate the fact that he changed too much of the melody. "If I Fell" doesn't sound like that!

6. Kristy - Eight Days A Week -- SHE BUTCHERED THE SONG!!!!! GO HOME, KRISTY!

7. Brooke - Let It Be -- gak nonton, gue pas lagi di wc hahaha

8. David Hernandez - I Saw Her Standing There -- same case kayak Brooke. but i'll add 1 note, i do think he's forgettable. don't think he'll make it to the top 5.

9. David Cook - Elenoar Rigby -- as i said, AMAZING!

10. Michael Johns - Across The Universe -- here's the thing. i think he has a really good voice, but his performance last night was so-so.

11. Amanda - You Can't Do That -- i like the way she was rocking things out, but i have to agree with Simon. i couldn't understand 70% of the words she said. she has a lot of problems with articulation.

12. David Archuletta - We Can Work It Out -- oh my God! he actually screwed up last night! hahaha that was unexpected, i thought he was going to be perfect all the way. he forgot the lyrics, some notes were out of tune, and he didn't seem to be comfortable singing that song.
Saturday, March 08, 2008
Grey's Anatomy
"Time flies. Time waits for no man. Time heals all wounds. All any of us wants, is more time. Time to stand up. Time to grow up. Time to let go."

---Meredith Grey, Season 3 eps 1

kapan yah season 5 mulai... bosen juga nih ngulang2 nonton season 3 ama 4 lagi.. -_-;;

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