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Thursday, July 29, 2004
Michael Chiang's Private Parts watched the "Michael Chiang's Private Parts" yesterday at the Esplanade Theatre, it was superb!!! the dialogues were extremely funny, snappy most of the times, and truly enjoyable. My review would be up really soon at /dilmy, had submitted it this morning, just have to wait for it to be approved.

this PMS syndrome is /really/ bringing up my appetite, i keep on feeling hungry. so lucky that they have salads at the lobby-coffee shop, if not i might just turned to brownies & breads, hehe

so many things have been going in my mind, about everything. about some close friends of mine and how i feel very tired dealing with them, and how they're pushing me to the edge to explode at anytime. about an idea of fixing the Al Izhar website (which, btw, the current website is completely UGLY) but i know it'll need a lot of help from everyone (angkatan 5 especially). about D who started to send me emails again, and i don't feel comfortable about it. and another thing that i just saw his picture in Friendster, the one of him being with the girl i'm guessing is Carol (this is my first time of looking at their "together-picture"), and somehow it's still painful to see it, for reasons i've no idea why. about /dilmy and all the troubles we're having with so little crew in jakarta and the difficulties of having eligible new columnists.

*fooh* i /do/ need a rest.

nicholas is going to come today, giving me a briefing about the next project. yeay!

i'm going for another personal training session tonight, yeay!

another episode of "The Apprentice" is up tonight, yeay!

eta has finished "The Da Vinci Code", so now it's my turn to read, yeay!

duh laper..

i miss jetto.
Monday, July 26, 2004
truly a must-see movie! it's wonderful, no wonder the critics keep giving 4 to 5 stars (out of 5 stars, of course) to this movie. it was so real, it was so touching (although not in a mushy way), but to anyone who has a "blood-phobia" then don't watch this movie. you might just get fainted. *grin* hey, it's a war movie! so it's quite obvious that you'll see hands getting chopped, legs getting chopped as well, soldiers being operated without anesthetics, yahh.. usual stuffs lah. for women especially, bring your tissues with you. i didn't expect to cry at all, thinking that it'll be one of those really great war movies with the drama, and yet i couldn't stop sobbing *lol* really, i did! and it wasn't just me, it was the girl beside me, behind me, in front of me, hahahaha and i can't believe my cousin didn't cry as bad as i did, well.. it gave different impacts to people, i guess.

so.. SBY seems to win the first round, as we all had predicted. i wonder who's gonna win on the second round, establishing him/herself as the new President of Republic Indonesia. i really didn't suspect that Megawati would actually be in the second place, i thought it's gonna be Wiranto. but oh well, i'm not good in politics anyway.

the thing about phone-cameras and women
it's been quite a hot-topic here, been reading it in the newspapers. so apparently, many Singaporeans use the cameras in the phone to take pictures of --excuse me-- women's boobs, butts, thighs, and all. and to my surprise, some female columnists acclaimed that it's not the women's fault, even though they've been wearing mini-skirts and low-necked tops. i mean, come onnn.. i agree with the guy who wrote a letter to the newspaper, saying that if you want them to stop taking pictures of you, then don't give them the chance, meaning that maybe those women should've wear clothes that are less-disclosuring their body. bodoh sekali deh itu cewek2.. kok malah nyalahin orang laen. despite the fact that they /do/ have the rights to look sexy and all. so i guess it's a choice of being extremely sexy and yet taking the fat chance of having pictures of your boobs and butts being spread on the internet, or simply looking nice but not oh-so-sexy anymore, yet taking away all of those chances.

it's just technology, and people will develop some more interesting gadgets in the future. it depends on the person, whether to use it for a good use, or not. :P

getting married like....now???
my bestfriend just emailed me telling me that one of our senior highschool friends just got married (to sindy & emil: it's Arie Anggara, hon.). and we were /really/ surprised, not expecting to have any of our friends (around our age) to get married. 20 years old?? i wonder how is he going to feed his wife, and what if they have kids, my God... maybe some people find it beautiful to get married in such a young age, but for me.. i dunno, i prefer being on my own for another 6 - 7 years. building my career, travel around the world, and have fun on my own first. it's not that i can't have fun when i'm married, it's just that there'll be more aspects to think about, not to mention if you have kids. my mom's been telling me not to get married so quickly, that i should enjoy my life first, and have kids later on (i'm planning about 1 - 2 years after i get married), so i can still enjoy my own life first. and i can't agree more.

aaand.. another Monday. wow, only 4 more weeks left in Singapore. time sure flies..
Sunday, July 25, 2004
a little mistake along the way..
so i guess all of us (meta, ubi, and me, as tia was just tagging along) were getting a little too excited on the Ahmad Jamal concert that we didn't even check the date. so meta and i rushed to grab a cab after we finished our workout, then went to the Esplanade, while ubi had already arrived earlier. i finally introduced my 2 cousins to ubi, then we went to take our tickets. when meta was taking tickets, she whispered telling us that something went really wrong and we can kill her right after she finished taking the tickets.

so... apparently, the concert wasn't being held yesterday, but instead... August 21, 2004. *lol* my God! how could we made such mistake?! we were definitely got too excited, that we didn't even realized it. not even ubi who also went to see the ads on the Esplanade website hahahaha so then we just had some drinks & desserts at the CHOCOLATE BAR (you can imagine how indulging the place was *grin*), took some pictures at the Waterfront, then walk through the Citylink, and finally got home. ubi took the MRT to BoonLay, and we took the one that went to the Jurong East.

hehehehe enough stupidities for today..

my 2 cousins & ubi
tia, me, ubi
ubi & me a the Chocolate Bar
meta & me at the disastrous apartment, the usual look after we got back from anywhere
and the close up
Friday, July 23, 2004
ALHAMDULILLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Bener2 pen-cheer up hari gue abis! JARKOM GUE DAPET A!!!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!! bener2 ga nyesel pas sehari sebelum finals gue pulang dulu buat nonton final American Idol 3! Huahahahaha! Ya Allooohhh, makasih Tuhan! Makasih Pak Johnny!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... gue seneng bangeeeet!!! Asik asiiik... semester 6 kalo ga sibuk gue apply jadi asdos aaahhhh.. Alhamdulillaaahhh!!! Wuahahahahahahahaha..

and to make it even better, gue di peringkat ke-7! WUAHAHAHAHAHA... Tommy makasih udah ngabariiiinn... gue seneng bangeeet...

okeh let's see, yg blon masih ALin, Probter, OSK, RPL. Hmmmhhh.. 2 nilai pertama mengkhawatirkan banget tu, aga2 khawatir dapet C. RPL malah ga ketauan sama sekali kans-nya gemana. OSK masih optimis, bismillaah.. duhh moga2 semester ini IP bisa balik di atas 3 lagi, aminn.
Thursday, July 22, 2004
gue lagi ngemil.

ngemil JERUK.

buahahahaha.. semakin banyak kemajuan. udah mulai ada inisiatif sendiri dari badan utk nyentuh buah, ga pake dioyok2in dulu ama orang laen hehehe

duh emang ga normal deh gue... T_T

to panci, makasih ya ilmu ngupas ama ngisep jeruk bulan lalu, kepake ko sekarang.. considering buah yg bisa gue makan langsung emang baru jeruk ama pepaya.

btw sebagian orang bilang kalo banyak makan buah bisa bikin kurus, karena berserat dan itu cemilan bagus yg mengganjal perut daripada kita makan makanan laen yg ga sehat. kalo gua, kayaknya bukan itu meskipun tujuan akhirnya sama. makan buah efektif bikin kurus karena baru ngupas dan makan jeruk setengah aja gue udah capek banget. terus jadi ga napsu mo makan apa2 yg laen *wide grin*

adoh.. paha gua sakit.
Wednesday, July 21, 2004
We got it together, didn't we?
Nobody but you and me.
We got it together, baby.

My first, my last, my everything,
And the answer to all my dreams.
You're my sun, my moon, my guiding star.
My kind of wonderful, that's what you are.

I know there's only, only one like you
There's no way they could have made two.
You're, you're all I'm living for
Your love I'll keep for evermore.
You're the first, my last, my everything.

In you I've found so many things,
A love so new, only you could bring.
Can't you see if you,
You'll make me feel this way,
You're like a first morning dew on a brand new day.

I see so many ways that I can love you,
'Till the day I die....
You're my reality, yet I'm lost in a dream.
You're my first, my last, my everything.

I know there's only one, only one like you
There's no way they could have made two.
Girl, you're my reality.
But I'm lost in a dream,
You're the first, you're the last, my everything.

----------------------------------------- The First, The Last, My Everything / Barry White

asli.. tiap kali denger mp3-nya, semakin tergoda pengen beli albumnya.

btw ada yang afal Ally McBeal itu berapa season? pengen nyicil beli vcd-nya euy. :)
30%... clearly a doomsday..
jadi kemaren akhirnya we did the measures. secara BMI, gue dah oke banget, i'm around 22 in which yg normal itu range dari 19 - 25, meaning that i'm right in the middle. not too skinny, not too fat. problemnya bukan di situ, tapi di fat mass gue. 30% dari badan gue aja lho, jo!! mati lahhh.. kalo tu alat bener2 valid, asli dah gue mo mewek. yang normal itu tu maksimum sekitar 22%, dan gue..hiks..gue.. aaaaaaaa.... bete. kayaknya musti bener2 belajar makan buah nih, ee'.

i'm siiiiiiiiiingin' in the raiiiinn..
benci deh kalo mulai hari dah hujan deres gini, mana tadi bayar taksi jadi mahal banget. abis serba salah, kalo gue harus menerjang hujan lagi, sayang ama ini celana yang baru dicuci, dan sayang sama ini sepatu karena ini sepatu terakhir buat kerja. sepatu yang sebelumnya dah gue buang karena kena badai minggu lalu dan nasibnya dah jadi menyedihkan banget. alasnya keplek2, kalo dipake jalan malah suka lepas sendiri, bego. ya udah lah, pas mo nyeberang jalan ke apartemen, gue buang tu sepatu. gue pulang nyeker. dilema oh dilema... karena kalo naek taksi jatohnya lebih mahal 7x lipat. kampret.
an email from one of my closest bro:

Bukannya emang tendensi kamu begitu, Ndar? Aku lihat sih, setiap kamu ada masalah dengan orang (ga cuman love life, tapi juga kerja, pertemanan, dll), kamu tuh investasi waktu dan pikiran banyak banget buat "should've dan shouldn't have."

Jadinya emang ga jarang lah kamu tergelitik untuk berbuat sesuatu untuk memperbaiki (karena value kamu kan perfection-seeking). Padahal dalam banyak kasus, semakin banyak kamu aktif mencoba memperbaiki, semakin parah lah jadinya.

thanks for reminding, man. :)
Tuesday, July 20, 2004
being in love
i agree totally with my cousin, as she wrote in one of her previous entries, that when we talk about "love", the conversation seems to be endless.

udah lama ga ketemu temen, yg pertama ditanya rutin pasti "gemana si itu?", refering to one of my ex or to one of the guys i have a crush on. on other times, giliran mo curhat pasti yg dicurhatin pertama masalah co. email ga jauh beda. biar kata emailnya ngebahas ini itu ini itu yang ngalor ngidul ke mana2, ending2nya pasti tetep aja bakal nyempetin cerita, "btw, gue ama si itu sekarang begini begini begini....".

but then again, why won't a person enjoys the feeling of love and being loved in return? rada gila kalo ada orang yang ga suka deh, menurut gue. well then again, unless orangnya trauma karena his/her previous relationships sih.. XP

gue termasuk orang yang nulis banyaaaak sekali di blog ttg segala kisah di dunia persilatan gue. karena kadang emang di antara kehidupan gue yg penuh dg rutinitas & kesibukan, satu2nya hal yang gue anggap menarik ya cuma masalah itu sajah.

kadang kalo baru putus, gue suka mikir "ohkay. i was okay before he came into my life. so i should be okay now the way i was before, as he's leaving my life now." tapi dg dogolnya, kok ga bisa berjalan seperti itu yah? padahal yang gue omongin itu kan fakta. sebelum that special someone came along into our lives, we were okay! giliran dia pergi, mestinya tetep okay toh? yet, it never happened.

[ unless you got into a SO-not-serious relationship, jadi pas putus ya santai waee.. kayak gue dan mr. narcist yg bertahan 4 hari sajah. ]

as i was saying, too bad that most of the times, things just don't go that way. begitu putus langsung masuk ke fase2 depresi, fase2 kedogolan, fase2 yang extremely painful. some people would say, "enjoy! being hurt is one of the most important experience in loving someone!"

AJE GILE. pengen gue toyor kadang orang2 yg mikirnya kayak gitu. gue ngeliatnya either itu menghibur diri banget ato tu orang emang aga2 S&M. emang sih, sakit ati tu jadi pelajaran berharga banget (seperti yang dialami teman saya pas kuliah tingkat 2, maap bawa2 nama..), tapi mo diputer kayak apa juga, sakit ati ga pernah enak, dan dg hebatnya jarang bisa berakhir dalam waktu singkat. semua tergantung kadar sayang kita. makin sayang, biasanya makin lama lah itu masa2 pemulihan.

satu yang menarik, ternyata sakit itu ga dialami /hanya/ oleh pihak yang diputusin, yang mutusin juga ikutan sakit (pengalaman pribadi). yang diputusin sih jelaaas, wajar banget sakit ati. apalagi kalo sehari sebelumnya masih dihujani kata2 cinta dan kata2 sayang, ujug2 besoknya diputusin *mulai deh curhat colongan.. XP*. tapi yang mutusin... well turns out apapun alasannya, dengan fakta bahwa selama relationship itu the couple was getting pretty attached, ikutan sakit karena tau proses mutusin ini bakal nyakitin pihak satunya.

duh bahasa gue ribet.

by getting all attached when the relationship was still going, apa ya.. tingkat empati kayaknya ninggi banget. jadi ketika pasangannya ngerasa sakit, kitanya juga ikutan sakit, apalagi pas tau kalo sakitnya dia itu ya gara2 kita.

fase ini biasanya ga berenti di situ aja. bakal ada lagi masa2 ketika kita ngerasa nyeseeeeeel banget, mulai ngerasa bego kenapa kita mutusin, why did this happen, why did that happen. pada fase ini biasanya stok tissue harus banyak karena nangis bisa ga abis2. in the other hand, di pihak yang diputusin, kadang suka ngerasa dumbfounded. kok bisa gini, gue salah apa, kenapa gue diputusin, gue ga ngerti, so on so forth.

oh and btw, gue termasuk pendukung co2 yang nangis ketika diputusin. bukannya apa2, menurut gue jauh lebih sehat gitu daripada sok2 tegar tapi nyimpen sakit di dada. guys have emotions too, wajar lah kalo mereka juga nangis.

yang ga lucu tu cuma pada kasus dia mo bunuh diri pantaran diputusin sama kita, haduhh... udah denger nih kasus2 model begini. temen gue mutusin cowoknya karena they had so many problems, dia ngerasa dah ga ada chemistry pula, begitu diputusin BENGG.. tu cowo langsung masuk rumah sakit.
ternyata dia sakit pencernaan, IINM.

anyway one day, semuanya bakal lewat gitu aja, and things seem to get back into their places. hidup mulai normal lagi, udah mulai berenti mikirin dan grieving, tiap hari makin terasa kuat, mulai ada semangat hidup. puncaknya adalah ketika kita bisa temenan lagi dengan ex kita itu, dan even better, kita jg dah mulai siap berpetualang di dunia persilatan.

waktu yang kita butuhin utk bener2 pulih ini yang vary. gue ngalamin dari cuma butuh 1 hari sampe yang butuh hampir 2 taun setelah putus utk bener2 buka mata dan sadar kalo semuanya udah lewat. ntah orang lain gemana, gue yakin ada yang lebih. ini aga2 inspired dari "Bleachers" sebenernya, gara2 si Neely, one of the characters, kept loving his ex-girlfriend even after 15 years. tsk..tsk..tsk..

oh well, ini cuma a bit thought. mulai muncul gara2 gue lagi bosen setengah mati setelah gagal menemukan solusi utk problem Web Authoring di MCMS 2002 (and here we go with the geeky talk).

as for myself, i'm currently quite okay with being single. punya pacar jelas preferable lah, tapi lagi ga ada yang deket aja. besides, i'm pretty occupied with work at the moment. the load i have from SingTel and /dilmy is more than enough to keep my mind focussed. however beberapa previous relationships masih belum sepenuhnya beres. D and i haven't spoken for quite a while, especially after our last disagreement. but hey, for the first time i'm actually feeling okay with it. it's time to move on, don't you think? 2 years is more than enough to be attached with something we had in the past, we have our own lives now. it's him with carol, and me rocking the world on my own. *grin* as for mr. fabulous, well.. i plan to talk him really soon. very much in need to throw this burden of my feelings. i think i'll let him know that i've realized so many mistakes we, or maybe i, did in our relationship and the fact that i still very much care about him. however i don't have any plans on making up with him, and i'm pretty sure that with his extremely-logical character, he has the same thought. our relationship's gone pretty well lately, and i'd like to keep it that way.

anyway, congrats to some of my friends or family that are enjoying their love lives. to donna-isman, adhit-ninit, hardy-mel, andin-acun, harley-anne, raden-anggow, anggia-rama, emil-mully, and so many others, hope the relationship lasts & hope you're happy with it! cheers! wish me luck to have a happy life. *grin*

duh pengen pulang..
saya stress & kedinginaaannn...
a new record has been made..
NDARI MAKAN PISANG! hebat ga tuh coba?? ga sengaja sih.. kemaren pas otw ke mesjid mo sholat Ashar sebelum ke gym, perut dah keruyukan, emang dah jam 5 sih.. senormalnya emang jam makan malem. terus lewat Orange Julius, tergoda juga pas liat jusnya. yo wes, milih2.. terus liat ada bagian yang healthy-stuffs-nya. nemu bagian yang dairy-free, gue pengen strawberry tapi ga ada. Akhirnya minta Raspberry Slim, specifically minta sugar-free. Ya udeh, dibikinin deh. Mulai lah dia nuang air jeruk, raspberry flavor, dan tau-tau sodara2... dia mengambil PISANG! gue ampe shock banget, elu tau sendiri gemana ga sukanya gue dg pisang, buah yang menurut gue bau banget selain duren. dan ga tanggung2, langsung diambil 1 buah, kupas, cemplung langsung ke blender. hiks hiks hiks... asli stress pas liat gue pesen raspberry kok ternyata pake pisang di dalemnya. masih coba positive thinking dg mikir kali itu bukan pesenan gue. jadilah gue ngendap2 liat resep mereka, dan ternyata benaaar.. Raspberry Slim itu pake pisang. oh tidaakk.. ya wes toh, gue pikir berhubung harganya S$ 6 terpaksalah ditelen.

dan minumannya pun jadi, gue liat, pegang, dan ga berani nyium baunya karena takut mual. langsung aja hantem minum, and you know what? ternyata enak lho!! serius! pisangnya ga terasa sama sekali (although kalo gue inget2 itu gue lagi minum pisang, huekkkkk..). dan more than enough utk ngeganjel rasa laper gue. sayang mahal banget, jadi ga bisa sering2 beli. padahal kalo murah gue mau2 aja tiap dinner minum itu. nyari jus yang enak di mana yah... kalo jus melon di sini ga enak, asem banget (dalam takaran gue sih.. menurut sepupu gue sih ga asem sekali, cuma ya dasaran lidah gue tu lidah jawa..). lagian jus melon nggak ngeganjel perut, kan encer banget.

np: Brian McKnight - Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
foohh.. finally finished "Bleachers". definitely not a typical of John Grisham since his books are usually anything that has to do with law, but this one's quite interesting although i won't say that it's reaaaally good, but it was a nice one to read.

mmm.. have some things to write, but maybe later on. need to catch up with MCMS for now, so talk later.
Monday, July 19, 2004
several interesting facts here:

1. most seen ads in newspapers: slimming-centers

2. or bust enhancers

3. most seen Nokia handphone among the female-executives: Nokia 7200

4. most seen Sony Ericsson handphone around: T610

5. they can talk among eachother without any problems, but giving foreigners a hard time to understand what they're talking about with their famously-known SingLish

6. primary school kids are now being given 3,500 calories coupon for their lunch at school to help them maintaining their weight

7. "nasi padang" being sold in small kiosk is not quite nasi Padang. it's more like nasi rames.

8. plain water and still mineral water taste the same, but you have to pay for the mineral water!

i'll add up some more later.
Friday, July 16, 2004
np: "Barry White - You're The First, The Last, My Everything"

jadi inget jaman2 Ally McBeal, gila ni lagu enzoaaa banget.. ampe malu ndiri, dari tadi ngerjain database tapi sambil goyang2 gara ngedengerin ni lagu hihihihi
Thursday, July 15, 2004
Wednesday, July 14, 2004
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! pusing denger orang2 sekitar gue ngomong. udah logatnya aneh, ngomong bhs inggris kayak kumur2, terus ntar in a second pas gue denger lagi dah ngomong bahasa Cina. aaaaaaaaa... rusak dah bahasa inggris di sini, asli. @_@
sebagaimana kata Mr. Larry Lam, jangan apply pekerjaan nunggu perusahaan tersebut buka lowongan. because some companies just don't make an announcement. jadi kalo ada particular job that you want in a particular company, then just send you resume right away.

two cents for myself..
sial.. ga menang lucky draw Jamie Cullum kemaren, dah payah2 nunggu dari jam 7, ternyata tanpa hasil. orang di meja sebelah malah dapet 2 tiket ke konsernya, wuuuu.. ee'.

asli emang ga berasa di sini kalo buang2 duit. kemaren cuma pesen 1 appetizer, 1 cocktail (dg harga masih reasonable), dan 1 botol kecil Evian, dan setelah di-kurs-in gue dah ngabisin Rp 200k! gila! menyesal sayah.. dah gitu cocktail ga mutu punya, berasa malah susunya, Tia Maria-nya ga berasa apa2, ble'e. mending minum di April Bar ato Manna House, malah ketauan rasanya enak dan murah. gebleg.

i miss my friends. kangeeeen banget maen ama anak2 Jetto. terakhir denger cerita dari naning, setelah Arif disidang minggu lalu, kualitas dia ningkat jauhhh banget, ketauan pas manggung di pensinya anak2 47. dia ga jadi dikeluarin, fooh.. am I glad. gue kangen latian. oh lupa mention, akhirnya gue nemu partitur singles-nya L'Aruku, dan ada Peeping Tom!!! kyaaaaaaaaa! mahal sih, cuma worth it banget, gue bahagia. makin ga sabar mo latian.

gue kangen anggia ama the girl friends group: lany, arsya, anggita, anin, meucin. kalo inget dulu suka jalan bareng2 terus talking about girl stuffs, duh lutuna.. blon lagi kalo nonton berdua lany, terus baru ngeh satu bioskop isinya pasangan semua, langsung kita berdua ngerasa pathetic hahahaha

gue kangen the coffee & cigarettes group: dila, fariz, bebe (kadang2 plus ferry & fega). dah ilang semua tu anak2, kapan pada pulang ke Jakarta yah? asli ini satu routine yg ilaaaaaaaaaang banget dari kehidupan gue for the whole past year. inget banget dulu begitu dah mulai stress sama sekolah, langsung telepon2an, terus ketemu, ngopi, making ga-penting-conversations, membicarakan pacar dan mantan masing2 (although itu lebih applicable ke gue dan fariz karena the other two pacarnya pada ikutan nimbrung hihihi), talks about our ideas of life, our dreams, our plans ahead, kadang2 malah rencana2 utk bikin bisnis bareng2. dilaaaa, iiiiizzz, beeee, gue kangeeeeennn! :(

gue kangen sama keluarga kedua gue, the Animanga. terutama sejak semua udah mulai pada lulus kuliah, kerja, nikah (kyubi, isman), semua langsung ngilang. wajar banget sih.. cuma to remember keluarga itu sempet jadi bagian paling aktif dalam hidup gue, berasaaa banget kalo lagi ilang gini.

i miss my old fun life! sekarang mo ngapa2in ko perasaan stress mulu yah. mikirin kuliah, stress. mikirin kerja, stress. apa dong yang ga stress? kadang pengen take a quick break, pergi hang out ama temen2 lama gue, tapi nyari waktunya dg beban kuliah kayak gini ko susah banget yah..

gue bener2 musti berenti nge-kost, asli deh. udah lah pusing ngadepin ibu kost yang kayak begitu, the other thing is that berada di kost itu taking the biggest part of my time. i'm losing my enjoyable-life.
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
akhirnya gue tau kelemahan gue dlm berbahasa Inggris itu apa. gue kesulitan banget utk merangkai kata-kata ketika harus menjelaskan sesuatu yang ilmiah. gue mulai ngeh sejak belakangan kalo ngomong sama nicholas, i'll ended up ngomong sepotong kalimat, terus diem, sepotong kalimat laen, terus diem, gituu aja. di dalam pikiran gue, semua kalimat itu udah terangkai jadi satu ide yg mo gue sampaikan. tapi di mulut gue, yg keluar cuma sepotong2. sisa potongan2 yg hilang itu tu things yg seolah-olah ga bisa gue formulain ke dalam bahasa Inggris. jadilah kadang gue harus tarik nafas panjang dulu, minta maaf ama supervisor gue, terus ngulang lagi dalam kalimat yang lebih baik (which, kadang berhasil kadang nggak).

dg hebatnya, akhirnya we came up with a good language yg bisa dimengerti bersama tanpa harus banyak omong: bahasa pemrograman. jadi kalo ada ide2 gue yg gue mulai tersendat-sendat utk ngungkapin, gue langsung tulis aja koding-annya, begitu dia baca, langsung dia nangkep gue maunya apa.


gue rasa itu sedikit banyak juga karena gue gugup, gue kan ga terlatih utk menjelaskan sesuatu dg baik dan benar dalam bahasa inggris. kalo cuma ngobrol mah bisa, namanya jg obrolan ringan dan ngalor-ngidul, ya gak?

bener2 harus les lagi nih..
oh, wish me luck for the Jamie Cullum lucky draw tonite. if i'm lucky, i'll get a pass to the private concert this Friday at Indo-Chine. woohoo! bismillah!! *grin*
hehehehe ternyata kebiasaan ngoding bisa bikin kita jadi manusia terbelakang. maksudnya, jaman begini dah banyak program yang bisa ngebantu kita supaya ga usah terlalu banyak mikir, semua tinggal drag-n-drop. nahh.. somehow utk orang2 kayak gue, make program kayak gitu malah dg jelas menunjukkan kalo gue gaptek. dah 20 menit gue coba ngubek2 di koding-an C#-nya gemana cara bikin textbox jadi ReadOnly. cari di documentation-nya, gue ubek2 secara manual. nyoba bikin objek lah, terus ngarang2 tu readOnly sebagai method. terus nebak2 barangkali itu variable, asli dah ampe pusing.

akhirnya dah pusing, tanya salah satu colleague, dia bilang tinggal liat di box property, click "true" di bagian ReadOnly.

alahmak, gue gaptek. sok2 mo manual malah jadi begini. abisnya kalo manual emang lebih seru aja, dan lebih belajar. HTML juga gitu. pake sih Dreamweaver, tapi sekedar biar mempercepat gue ngetik karena ada quick type-nya itu kan. tapi ya intinya gue ngetik2 normal seluruh kodenya. bah... bikin malu ajah.

anyway, kerjaan makin nyenengin. hari ini bakal memperdalam CMS, mulai masuk ke project kantor. kayaknya sih bikin corporate website utk intranet-nya, design-nya dah gue liat dan yaa... standar design website kantoran lah: simple & neat. warnanya item-putih-merah, favorit gue banget tuh. kemaren dah puas belajar Visual Studio yang bener2 jadi gabungan VB ama Java (C# sih sebenernya, tapi kodingannya miriiiiiiiip banget ama Java). dan emang itu program powerful banget, bener kata orang2. instead of designing each layer (Database Layer, Data Layer, Application Layer, Presentation/Interface Layer) in different programs, pake VS.Net itu dah nge-cover semua fungsi2 utk 4 layer itu dalam 1 program. cuma ya konsekuensinya emang programnya berat banget. makan memori banyak, installation-nya lama banget (5 CDs, people!), but it's worth it.

balik ke jakarta ntar cari course VS.Net ahh.. kayaknya bisa seru nih.

ohkay, enough with the geeky talk. gotta go back to work. ciao!

ps: koleksi American Idol season 3 makin lengkap! mp3 udah ada semua dari Top 12 ampe Top 2, yg per grup cuma gue ambil orang2 yg lolos ke Top 12 ajah, abisnya yg laen2 kan ya pasti ga gitu bagus wong ga ke-vote kok. video baru keambil Top 12 ama Top 11. still 10 episodes to go, wuihihihihi.. senaaaang... connection di kantor kayak surga...
Monday, July 12, 2004
yeayyy... memar di lengan gue akhirnya memudaaar!! gila ni asli, gejala mo mens parah banget yg bulan ini. memarnya tu bener2 dah kayak cap dufan. ungu gelep, tengahnya bolong gitu (maksudnya bentuk memarnya tu kayak donat), terus tiap hari berubah warna. dari mulai biru ke ungu ke item ke ijo, baru sekarang dah mulai pudar. it has lasted for 3 weeks, seneng gue akhirnya bisa ilang. lagian tiap kali ketemu orang, mesti ditanyain, disangkanya gue digebuk orang lah, kena seterikaan, nubruk, aneh2 deh.. bikin malu doang.

a place of my own
so let's see.. it's my 3rd week in singapore. gue mendapatkan satu kesimpulan berharga:

1. gue blon siap punya rumah sendiri
2. gue harus punya suami yang ga nolak kalo dimintain tolong utk nyuci2 dan bebersih

asli gila! weekend kemaren bener2 bikin tepar. jadi ceritanya sepupu2 gue went off early karena mereka mo fitness, jadilah gue jadi sole soldier utk ngebenahin apartemen. dari mulai nyapu, nyeterika, nyuci piring, masukin like tons of clothes to the washing machine & rebel karena musti dipilah2 dulu per kategori (berwarna, tidak berwarna, handuk, baju dalem, etc.), ngejemur, ngosek wc, ngepel, aaaaaaaaa... asli gila segila2nya. capeknya sama kayak abis fitness, hehehe pokonya baru berasa lah capeknya kayak apaan tau, gue makin sayang sama mbak2 gue di rumah sekarang. *grin*

anyway, a good mood as a start of the week! :)
Friday, July 09, 2004
*slurp* as always, a good day starts with a good coffee. :)

anyway, duh mahalnya ya segala2 di sini. kartu ez-link baru ngisi beberapa hari sekarang dah mo abis lagi. padahal perasaan gue ga kemana2 selain kantor ama Orchard, itu pun pake kartunya cuma kalo dari Orchard ato kantor mo balik ke Bishan, sisanya gue jalan mulu, ble'e. Pulsa hp juga sama ajah. Telepon jarang, sms pun once in a while, ama emak gue ajah, itu juga.. 2 minggu abis S$ 50, tokaiiii...

btw nginstall VS.Net ternyata bikin mabog. 1) lama banget, sejam lebih (ga heran, installer-nya aja 5 CD). 2) sekalinya ada yang salah, musti di-reinstall. dan itu yg terjadi kemaren, bikin gue pulang telat dari kantor, semprul. awalnya cuma mo install MCMS, ternyata requirements-nya harus ada VS.Net, IE Web Tools, MJVM (ini juga ble'e, ternyata Microsoft dah ga support Java VM lagi, pusing nyari ke mana2 ga ada download-annya), sama satu lagi apaaa gitu. rebyek dah.

ntar malem mo nonton opera-nya Mozart, woohoo! ^_^

Thursday, July 08, 2004
as the morning cheers
barusan tommy sms, BasDat gue dapet A!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAA… Senangnyaaa… target gue sebenernya B, mengingat hasil UAS yang tidak terlalu menggembirakan. dan emang dah rada kepikiran dan sedih soalnya BasDat tu 4 sks, kan lumayan banget. tapi ternyata oh ternyata.. KYAAAAAAAAAAA… *lari2 keliling ruangan, senaaaang*

the future awaits
ever really thought about what you want to do for a living? or what you could’ve done yet you didn’t and now you’re stuck in the wrong place? thank goodness i’m 20, so i still have a chance to have deep thoughts about these kind of things.

after work yesterday i got this one valuable & amazing chance to meet Mr. Larry Lam, which currently sits as the Senior Vice President of UOB – Singapore. it was actually Eta who had an appointment with him, but as i had to go home with her, i went along, and turned out it was one hell of an experience.

it has been my confusability (btw i just knew this vocab, i thought it should’ve been “confusement”) on what to do after i graduate. being a programmer has never been something i planned nor i wanted, although i enjoy doing it. i remember back in highschool how i planned to go for social studies, maybe economics, accounting, finance, and that sort of things. then i remember how i was getting pretty excited to go for the Computer Science, stupidly enough that i thought in that major i’d learn how to /use/ programs, instead of how to /make/ one. it was in my mind that i’d learn how to make a maximum use of Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Fireworks as i’ve always loved making designs.

anyway, back to our conversation. he first told us how he finally got ‘there’, to that position: a job he loves, being paid well, and people respect him for what he does. he was born in a very poor Hongkong family, in a sense that the whole family could never predict whether they’re going to have food on the table on the next day, or not. both his parents were uneducated, and so did his older sisters. however he knew what he wanted: to go to the university. without any advice from anyone (since no one around him went to the university) he took off to United States, and by chance got admitted at the California Polytechnic (Eta’s university), only God knows how he managed to pay the tuition fee.

he took the Information Systems major, graduated at 1979. then he took his Masters degree on the IT-Auditing major (that’s the field actually, i don’t remember the exact name of the major), graduated at 1983 being one of the first four people who graduated from that major, as it was a very new major. job offers were pouring in, then he started to work at the Walt Disney, doing the auditing for four years. he was on top of his career yet got frustrated as he thought that he couldn’t go anywhere further. he was already on top of the IT department, yet that was just it.

received an advice from one of his professors, he finally struggled for a CPA. he told us that it was a really painful stage of life. he already had a wife and kids, while the fact that he came from an IT background yet about to take a CPA would need a lot of efforts and sacrifices. it took him the whole 2.5 years to finish all the tests, but the advice could never been more true. after he got the CPA, headhunters looked for him as he was one of the few who’s good on IT /and/ Auditing. he then moved to San Francisco and build his career there until 4 years ago when UOB Singapore offered him a position, so he moved here.

so then we discussed about our plans for our career, and it strucked me in the head that i finally realized that i haven’t really planned on what to do after i graduate. he told us that the main problem in most youth now is the fact that we’re more money-oriented. if 2 jobs were offered whereas the first one pays you US$ 2,000/month and the other is US$ 3,000/month, maybe you’d pick the latter as US$ 1,000 is a big difference, nonetheless maybe the first one mentioned was actually a job that we’d love. after a few years, you’d finally realize that you’re in the wrong job, yet it was too late to move cause you’re already getting steady with job, so it’ll be a burden for the coming years.

and i don’t want to end up like that.

i told him that i wanted to be an Accountant when i was in the senior highschool, but since my parents wouldn’t let me to take any social majors, i decided to take computer science since that was the only thing that i found interesting other than accounting. hoped that i’d get to be taught how to use graphic applications, turned out that it was a false hope. *grunt* he asked both of us what do we /really/ want to do, what’s the thing that we’d love to do even in the next 20 years, what we won’t be getting tired of, in what field, as that’s the most important part to decide what do you want to do.

other thing he mentioned was how he kept on getting numerous people who has excellent technical skills (i believe so, looking at most of smart friends at the university, wow..) yet lacking of people who has people skills. he mentioned the people skills is sometimes a lot more important, and you can get those skills from courses that maybe have nothing to do with your major. he told me that he took the sports subject, the first-aid subject, and other has-nothing-to-do-with-his-major subjects, which he believed helped him a lot to broaden himself as a person.

lastly was that he said how important an internship is. the better impression you give to your supervisor, the bigger chance he’ll ask you to join company when you graduated from the university. so now i’m thinking about making good impressions in front of Nicholas and trying my hard to do good in this internship heheh.

i spent the evening discussing the whole thing with Eta, during our dinner at small restaurant nearby. i used to plan that i wanted to be a System Analyst, for the sake of being cool (hey, tell someone that you’re a “System Analyst” and they’d find you cool… or they don’t? ^^;;). and i also planned to work at a hotel, since i like the feeling of being in a hotel.

yes, those are stupid reasons to find a job.

anyway, i made my own virtual list of things i’d love to do:
1. staying in my band. upon the question of why, it’s because i love being with them. i never get bored, i always de-stress myself when i’m with my band-mates, i would laugh my ass off when i’m with them, and the thing about performing, wow… that’s just another fabulous experience. there’s this satisfaction when we look at the people who are watching us play, then they got all excited, sang along, jumping with enthusiasm, it’s a wonderful feeling! not to mention the fact that now we have fans! hahahaha *happy* and of course, the joy of playing the song itself is undescribable.
2. meeting up people. i’m not being paid in /dilmy, yet it’s one job that i really enjoy. two reasons: a) there aren’t deadlines. well with the hectic-ness of my life, this helps /a lot/. b) i’m the public relations manager which obviously i get to meet people, i get to know them, i get to persuade them to make cooperation with /dilmy, i get to make new friends, i get to build my own network, and it’s exciting.
3. design cd and magazine covers. i know i have a lack of skills on using the graphical applications, yet i love working on them! at least on the things i /can/ do.
4. working at a magazine. as anything. columnist, graphic-designers, editor, even to own one.

i don’t wanna be a programmer. unless you’re really-really good -- in which you can have your career keeps on going up -- you’ll end up getting stuck working 24/7 in front of the computer making yourself all stressed out knowing bugs keep showing up in your program.

i like learning programming languages, and learning how to make softwares. maybe because i’m a logical person and i love challenges, and making softwares satisfies that part of me. not to mention that compared to other subjects, programming is one of the most interesting. yet, to imagine really working as a programmer, hmm.. i just.. don’t think so. not to mention that i’m not /that/ good.

anyway, now i’m eager to develop my social skills. i’d love to develop my negotiating skills, my public speaking skills (as i keep on getting nervous and speak a lot faster when i’m nervous). other than that, i’m still quite interested in learning graphic applications, just as a hobby though. *smiles*

the thing is, i /am/ already in the computer science course, so i know i better make the best out of it. this 5th semester is the first time i’d be able to pick all the subjects i want (previously, everything was compulsory) and i haven’t decided yet. it’s gonna be either subjects from the Software Engineering course or subjects from the Information System course. there are quite a few SE subjects that i found interesting, whilst the IS subjects are more theoretical and will need a lot of memorizing. however the IS subjects seem to be more applicable to whatever i wanna do later on. or…. at least it’s more useful…. i think. aaaarrghh.. i need to think.

being gramatical, whatever that means..
ohkay people, need a help here! have several questions:

1. when do we use "in", "on", and "at"? and don't give me physical examples, i.e: on the table, in the car, cause i /do/ know that sorta things. i'm more confused on the abstract things, i.e: "in Monday" or "on Monday"? "in my mind" or "on my mind"?

2. "any" should be followed with a singular or a plural word? what about "every"?

3. are/is "people" plural or singular?

ooh ooh… lunch time!
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
and i'm officially known as "SITI" in singapore. ble'e.
Monday, July 05, 2004
pup kok malu?
pernah ga masuk ke toilet karena mo pup, terus di tengah2 proses ngeden, denger ada suara orang masuk ke bilik toilet sebelah? and somehow it leaves you with an embarassed feeling?

well gue sering kayak gitu dulu. dg begonya, kalo gue lagi pup terus ada orang masuk ke bilik sebelah, dan saking sunyinya bunyi "plung" dari bilik gue bisa terdengar jelas, gue akan merasa sangat malu dan berusaha cover up dg nyemprot2in air ato nge-flush, padahal jelas2 proses masih jauh dari selesai hahahaha dg gilanya, pas gue cerita kayak gini ke beberapa temen, ternyata banyak yang punya pengalaman sama.

boker, pup, berak, ee', buang air besar, ato apalah istilahnya adalah a freedom of.... loading some shit (tadinya mo bilang a freedom of speech, tapi ko ga kena sama sekali). my point is, ga perlu ngerasa malu. pup itu biologis.

me now, kalo ngalamin kejadian kayak gitu, ga pake acara sok2 nyemprotin air, biarin aja proses berakhir ketika gue sudah puas dan perut sudah kosong. begitu keluar dan ternyata ketemu dg orang di sebelah gue tadi itu, i'd simply wash my hands, keringin, senyum ke orang itu, terus ngeloyor pergi.

in the end, mungkin itu orang ga bakal lagi mikirin gue yang ketangkap basah lagi pup, tapi lebih ke "err... and why is that poo-girl smiling at me?". *grin*
baru baca pas lagi liat2 comment di blog, PIP! elu 185.7??? ngibul abissss... itu mah tinggi banget kali, mana berat elu cuma 65 pula, alahmak.. ga kurang kurus dong. serius tinggi elu segitu?
i know that this is soooo late and i'm so 'basi', but.. I LOVE "GILMORE GIRLS" !!! gila, addicted banget. di apartemen lagi ada the whole 1st season, and my i can't stop watching. berhubung wastafel itu ngadep ke arah TV, jadilah selama nyuci piring gue nonton tu film. meja seterika juga di depan TV, jadi gue nyeterika sambil nonton tu film. dan senangnya karena masak memasak bukan bagian gue, gue ga terganggu karena kompor itu membelakangi TV hehehehe..

so anywayyy.. this is officially my first real working day. real as in i'm gonna do /something/ today. the days before mostly gue baru sebates getting myself familiar with the environment, with the project, and reading books on IIS, ASP.NET, or whatever. got here to early though. arrived at the office at 8:35 and found there were only 5 people coming, yg laen blon ada yang dateng.

begitu keluarga Bandung pulang, langsung apartemen sepi. tinggal 3 girls luntang-lantung sana-sini (eta, gue, tia). tadi pagi apalagi. eta berangkat very early, at 7 PM. tinggal tia yang nonton tv, sementara gue went with the dishes, bebersih meja makan, rapiin tempat tidur, ngangkutin cucian. huahahaha gue cinta hidup kayak begini.

my, gue sangat Monica.

yo wes, just a bit for today's morning note.
Friday, July 02, 2004
it's 12:56 PM here, and only a VERY few people have returned from their lunch. the whole department went to Sizzler, to a farewell party of 2 colleagues here. i was also invited, but considering Sizzler here is not halal, i decided to have lunch at the cafeteria instead.

feeling quite bored since i don't really now what i'm supposed to do now. can't wait till the 1-hour-from-now briefing, eager to know what i'm gonna do. so far as i've asked Hong Ying, the only programmer in the department, the current project they're currently working on is actually a simple website.... unfortunately using ASP, C++, and VB. i know a bit about VB, a reaaaaal bit. none about C++, although some people say that it's similar to Java, and also none about ASP. so i've spent the past hour (before i had lunch) browsing the net, searching for infos about ASP & .NET.

i've sms-ed eta, she said things are going quite good in the STA. most of the employees there are female, and young (unlike here). and she said that she's enjoying what she's doing now, a lot more than when she had the briefing with Mr. Nicholas here yesterday. i hope i'm gonna enjoy mine as well, fooh..

gonna have a dinner tonight, and i didn't bring any decent clothes to wear, damn. my plan for today: finish work at 5.30, go straight to FitnessFirst and workout till sometime around 7.30, then rushed to the dinner. the only problem i have now is that i only have: a Dragonball t-shirt and a Bali shorts in my bagpack while my guess is that i'm going to a formal dinner hahahahaha ehehehe huheuehue huhuhuuuu... *ketawa bete*
yeahhhh! gue pindah departemen! sekarang gue ngambil project-nya Eta, dia ngambil punya gue. she's got the SDLC, while I'm getting the HTML (halelujah! ^^) and the .NET (i'm learning..)! woohoooo..
Thursday, July 01, 2004
around 2 countries in 2 hours
semua masalah muncul ketika pas gue baru sampe di Singapore back on June 27th, gue ga nyerahin bbrp dokumen yang menyatakan bahwa di sini gue bakal kerja. bukannya gue ga mau, tapi semua dokumen2 itu ada di SingTel. berhubung gue dateng pas hari Minggu, orang2 SingTel ga ada yang bisa (atau mau?) nganter dokumen2 itu ke airport. so i arrived here with a social pass. well, 2 days ago jadilah Eta & gue ke MOM (Ministry of Manpower) utk minta work permit kami, diantar oleh Ms. Fariadah dari SingTel. ternyataaa... kami ga boleh minta work permit karena ke sini under the social pass, padahal seharusnya yang training pass (ato apalah, intinya ya yang kerja itu). jadi, you know what we should do? harus balik ke indonesia, terus masuk ke singapore lagi dg minta cap utk training pass. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. dan itu semua harus dikerjain tanggal 1 Juli ini, on the 1st day work permitnya terhitung berlaku.

so we woke up early in the morning (5.30 on Singapore time), langsung naek taksi ke WTC. pesen ferry ke Sekupang. berangkat jam 9 di sini, nyampe di Sekupang jam 9 WIB. begitu nyampe LANGSUNG pindah ke bagian Departure, bayar fiskal, pesen tiket ke S'pore, langsung ke imigrasi, langsung naek ferry lagi ke S'pore. asli gilaaaaaaaaa! sampe ada mas2 kapalnya yang merhattin kita bedua terus bingung, "lho, mbak bukannya tadi ikut ke sini dari S'pore?". hahahahaha gelo. well at least this time dg sukses kami masuk udah pegang cap training pass. sinting.

continuing the story
begitu nyampe, dah jam 11.30 di sini. tadinya bingung mo makan dulu karena udah laper berat, ato mo ke Comcentre dulu. setelah telp Ms. Yee, ternyata harus ke Comcentre dulu utk ambil beberapa dokumen. jadi lah rushed to Comcentre, 1 jam nunggu Ms. Fariadah keluar dg dokumen2nya, terus langsung ke MOM. di sana ngantri dan ngurus2 segala, baru keluar jam 13.30, dan gue lapaaaaaaaaaaar! nyesel ke Comcentre dulu, tau gitu mah mending makan dulu, hue.

dari MOM barulah makan di rumah makan kecil di belakang Comcentre, jualan nasi (serasa makan di kansas aja deh hahahahaha) yang murah. ibu2nya ternyata orang Jawa, jadilah kami berbahasa Jawa selama memesan makanan hahaha

yo wes, next... going back to Comcentre. Eta kerja di situ, lantai 10 under the supervision of Mr. Nicholas Lim, sementara gue bakal kerja di Singapore Telecomunication Academy under the supervision of Mr. Eric Chua. tadi kita dah dikasi briefing /sedikit/ supervisor masing2. both supervisors kayaknya orangnya pada asik banget, although bikin gue shock pas tau kalo mereka pake things yang ga gue kuasain.

well imagine kalo gue berangkat ke sini bermodalkan Java sajah, dan HTML of course. gladly HTML bakal kepake karena mereka web-based project. tapi other than that, Mr. Nicholas pake .NET, sementara Mr. Eric pake ASP. aaaaaaaaa...

however it's quite interesting to see things here. first of all, unlike several companies yang gue tau di jakarta yang ga menghargai tenaga kerja anak2 yang magang, di sini dihargain banget. gue dah denger banyak cerita dari Hardy ato Herman yang apply KP ke software house di Jakarta. mereka got to work like 24/7 (yaa.. namanya juga jadi programmer) tapi ga digaji sama sekali. di sini, jam kerja cukup fleksibel. officially dari jam 8.30 AM sampe 5.30 PM. nyampe sih boleh jam 9, yg gawat pulangnya.. fleksibelnya bukan fleksibel boleh pulang lebih cepet, tapi fleksibel gede kemungkinan pulang lebih lambat, as in bisa pulang justru jam 7 PM, hueee... tapiiii, big difference bahwa di sini digaji. ga besar sih utk ukuran living cost di S'pore. tapi dg fakta bahwa gue ke sini dibiayain ortu, gaji segede apapun akan membahagiakan. i got S$ 1,003/month. pas diitung2 mungkin sekitar S$ 7/hour, which is not much at all. but however, my point is, tetep aja di sini dihargain, biarpun kita makhluk2 yang bahkan blon lulus kuliah, tetep aja dikasi gaji.

secondly, emang orang2 sini produktif banget. so far i've seen tadi, ga ada yang gue liat nganggur selama sekitar 3 jam gue bertahan di kantor tadi. semua sibuk masing2. mo ngobrol ama temen2 antarcubicle, tetep aja tangan sambil ngetik. rada kaget pas liat ruang rapatnya. perusahaan segede gitu ternyata punya ruang rapat kecil dan dah amat sangat butuh direnovasi (cat udah pada ngelopek, papan tulis cukup menyedihkan). yet tampaknya karena toh masih fungsional, ya mereka pake aja terus. cukup kagum lah gua.. considering kalo denger cerita2 bokap di kantor yang cukup senang merenovasi kantor meskipun yang rusak cuma hal2 tidak esensial hehehe

thirdly, everyone's been very helpful. individualis sih gue denger2, tapi selama di kantor tadi selalu ada aja yang nawarin utk bantu ngajarin ketika ada yang kita ga ngerti. well.. gue hoki aja kali dapet environment yang ramah2 semua. :)

fourthly, di 1 departemen dg tenaga kerja sekian banyak orang, programmer hanya SATU. gue ampe kaget pas liat list staf2nya. bener2 cuma 1 orang, dan emang di monitor 1 orang itu aja tadi yg gue liat lagi ngutek2 coding-an, kayaknya pake C though. soalnya ga pake titik koma, terus banyak keyword2 yg ga pernah gue liat di Java, tapi other keywords mirip sama Java (public, private, etc.)

anyway, gue jadi semangat utk do alot of things begitu gue pulang ke Jakarta nanti. gue pengen:
1. les Bhs Inggris lagi! ternyata emang ngga bisa ngga jaman begini tu harus bisa yang namanya bhs inggris. ga kebayang kalo gue ga sefasih sekarang, mo sok2 magang di sini yang ada bisa mabog. blon lagi denger aksen Singlish mereka yang asli bikin pusing.
2. les .NET, ASP, PHP at the very least. PHP gue nyesel juga kemaren2 blon minta ilmu dari tommy. seneng sih nge-design, dan emang kepake di sini. tapi sedih juga karena PHP obviously lebih kepake. .NET tampaknya juga cukup seru. gue sempet tanya2 kenapa mereka pake .NET. sedikit problem memang karena gue ga tau sama sekali .NET tu apa. sistem? bahasa pemrograman?? apa yah? mereka bilang awalnya semua dari Microsoft Outlook yang mereka pake utk sistem mereka. utk menyesuaikan dg Outlook, ditambah lagi karena mereka pake OS-nya itu Win 2k, jadilah supaya semua terintegrasi mereka pake .NET. ada yang bisa jelasin ke gue maksudnya itu apa?

as for ASP, gue blon nanya kenapa, karena tadi Mr. Eric lagi aga2 buru2. maybe I'll ask him tomorrow.

tadi pas dijelasin briefly ttg project-nya, asli mampus... serasa belajar RPL hahahaha gila, padahal selama ini gue aga2 ngeremehin RPL berhubung kayaknya isinya poci2 doang. tadi begitu dikeluarin skema kerja mereka:

Vendors Goverance (VG) System
Software Developing Cycle:
1. Analysis
2. Design
3. Coding
4. Testing
5. Implementation

lastly: Documentation.

RING-A-DING-DING! see? RPL parah.. gue bakal dilibatin di 5 tahap itu gladly, biar ngerasain langsung dan bukan teori2 dari pak eko doang hehehe ada 1 simple project yg mereka lagi bikin, dan di situ gue mo ditaro'.

intinya banyak penyesalan lah karena pas semester kemaren blon bener2 liat fungsi akhir dari semua ilmu yang gue dapetin. kalo gue tau mungkin bisa belajar lebih keras lagi. huuhh..


well, life's been interesting here! gue seneng banget, pengen pindah ke sini deh. semua serba teratur, asli bahagia banget bisa di tempat kayak begini. ga ada yang semrawut, although for some people kehidupan kayak begini kali bakal membosankan banget sih.. :P

terus berat kayaknya makin berkurang, celana dah mulai loss... ga heran sih, jalan mulu ke sana-sini, tiap hari kaki gempor, sedangkan porsi makan masih mungil seperti biasa. ahhh senangnya..

besok mulai fitness ah.

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